Monate: März 2014

Lazy Sunday: Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Kit II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Kit

(EN/DE) „Today I don’t feel like doing anything… I just wanna lay in my bed.“ Bruno Mars couldn’t describe any better what’s on my mind almost each and every single sunday. I love sundays and I especially love to be lazy and to do just what I like to do on sundays. Mostly that means for a start: sleep late! And when I’ve got the time to stay in my pajamas and sit in the kitchen to drink a coffee, a perfect „Lazy Sunday“ start is done. What follows depends on the weather. If it’s not that sunny outside I love to lay on my bed, to some online-shopping, eat sweets, read magazines, play playstation and so on. “Girl-things” won’t miss out, as well. I love to try some new beauty products and calmly polish my nails (and also take my time to let it dry properly). Sometimes I also try some new hair ideas, even though I know it will never succeed as good as in this first trial again. On beautiful, sunny sundays …

Today is the perfect day for a skater skirt! II How I met my outfit

Today is the perfect day for a skater skirt

(EN/DE) March is drawing to an end and slowly but surely we approach the Easter holidays. I’m not quite sure if it’s the sunny weather or the colourful easter decorations that you can see at almost every store right now, but I totally feel like dressing myself brightly coloured. Why don’t we leave painting Easter eggs to the Easter bunny for now and deck ourselves with freshly spring colors. Because spring has arrived and it’s going to stay. So, take your brushes, get set, go!

Trenchcoats always come with spring! II How I met my outfit

Trench coats always come with spring!

(EN/DE) Spring has arrived, birds are singing, the first flowers start to bloom and somehow everything seems to be a little more „happy-go-lucky“ again. And little by little we start to replace our greatcoats by our beloved trench coats. During the last weeks of winter I usually can’t await to finally send my greatcoats into summer sleep. Almost every year my impatience wins out over my sanity and some weeks too early I freeze optimistically through my summer jackets until I realize that I have to get my greatcoats out of my wardrobe again.

Black Denim Hippie II How I met my outfit

Black Denim Hippie

(EN/DE) Did I already mention that I love denim? I love it in every shape and color. If there would be a ranking about my happiness about new clothes, probably my happiness about a new denim item would be ranked before my happiness about new shoes. And this one already is really great. You can imagine that I leaped for joy, when I found the black-grey skinny jeans and the black-grey denim jacket. It seems as if they were twins, got separated to grow up with two different labels. Reunion is done right now.

The Casual - distressed jeans and white blouse II How I met my outfit

The Casual – Distressed Jeans & white Blouse

(EN/DE) Spring has finally arrived and I can’t tell how much I looked forward to wear just a jeans and a lightly shirt again at last. Get rid of the greatcoats and the warm boots. To me this outfit is the absolute casual-classic. I love jeans, especially distressed jeans, cause they always look pretty cool. That’s why I’m ok with the older generation asking me from time to time why I am wearing damaged jeans. That reminds me of a friend of mine gotten hit by an older person with a carrier bag some days ago, because her jeans were having a hole as well. First she was a little confused, but when he started to rail against her jeans she started to laugh about it. What does the story tell us? Beware of carrier bags when wearing distressed jeans.