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April 2014

Giveaway: Zara necklace & Essie nailpolish II How I met my outfit

Giveaway: Zara necklace & Essie nail polish

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(EN/DE) Today I’ve got a great giveaway for you! April’s almost over and so is the first month for me being a blogger as well. To thank you for your support, your nice comments and all the lovely words, you can win this adorable statement necklace by Zara and one of the three Essie nail polishes ("go ginza", "lovie dovie", "bikini so teeny").read mor[...]
Lazy Sunday: DIY Yoga II How I met my outfit

“Lazy” Sunday: DIY – Yoga

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(EN/DE) More and more it seems to me that Cologne kind of went into a yoga-fever. Almost everywhere you can see yoga schools, yoga advertising and girls dressed in sports wear carrying a yoga mat. Somehow yoga mats became a new fashion accessory. Why not!? You can buy them in almost every color and they are extremely functional. So, where’s my yoga mat!?[...]
Trend: Playsuit II How I met my outfit

Trend: Playsuit

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(EN/DE) Jumpsuit, playsuit, jumpsuit, playsuit. What is the difference between jumpsuits and playsuits? It’s very simple: jumpsuits come with long legs and playsuits come with short ones. Just like lies. Whatever - I love both jumpsuits and playsuits and both are still in trend. But because I’m still longing for summer to come, this time I decided to[...]
The Duck Face II How I met my outfit

The Duck Face

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(EN/DE) The notorious duck face. I wonder who did the duck face first and why so many many girls started to copy it. In theory I understand why people do the duck face - you get bigger lips and eyes. Of course, I also did it in front of the mirror. And I thinks that’s exactly where it came from - it’s one of our „mirror-looks“.read more[...]
Lazy sunday: easter picnic II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Easter picnic

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(EN/DE) I’ll keep it short today: I wish you all a happy Easter! Enjoy the sunny holidays and have a nice time with your families. Don’t forget to eat a lot of treats. Back in the days I was a child, the one thing I loved most about Eastern has been the Easter egg hunt. Someone somehow decided that you have to quit doing it when you grow up. That[...]
Bloggerparade: Behind the Camera. II How I met my outfit

Bloggerparade: Behind the camera

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(EN/DE) Some days ago, Jana from bekleidet started a bloggerparade with the topic „behind the camera“. THE opportunity to introduce my photographer, boyfriend and my biggest fan to you: Bene. Actually, he is a songwriter. That means creativity comes naturally to him. To make a long story short: I love his songs!! Every single more[...]