Monate: Mai 2014

Must-Have: Flower Garlands and Flower Prints II How I met my outfit

Must-Have: Flower Hair Garlands & Flower Prints

(EN/DE) Even if the sun is hiding again these days, the sun keeps shining in our hearts and wardrobes. An absolute must-have for this summer are flower hair garlands. You can buy them in almost every shape, color and size. I collected my current favorites for you here – I especially love the one with the strawberries, but unfortunately it’s also the most expensive one, but, hey, we’re used to it, aren’t we? Honestly, you need to brave to wear these headpieces – so you can first practice with hair clips and hair barrettes. 

Summer Love: Flowers, Denim & Smiles

Summer Love: Flowers, Denim & Smiles

(EN/DE) Did you get excited to go on vacation during the last sunny days as well? Imagine you would wake up in holidays tomorrow morning: Cozy breakfast on the terrace. Put on your new bikini. Lay down on the beach. Splash around. Read a book. Use sun cream. Have lunch at the cutest café in town. Take a walk. Lay down on the beach again. Splash around. Eat ice cream. Have a shower lately. Put on your new summer dress / denim shorts. Let your hair dry in the air. Drink cocktails. Relax. Fall asleep with a smile.

Masquerade with Mamelok masks II How I met my outfit

Masquerade with Mamelok masks

(EN/DE) Does this sound familiar to you? You’re in a store full of odds and ends and although everything appears useless you want to buy it anyway. „Look, how cool, a robot. Oh, and this one: a giraffe ruler! Oh, and this one looks nice.“ – „What is it?“ – „I don’t know, but it’s cool.“ That’s how my dialogues look like when I’m in a store like that. But why do we like to buy everything? Well, because it’s fun. This week I fell in love with the Mamelok masks at Papelito. I couldn’t stop laughing, so I needed to buy them. If you have seen people wearing masks the last days in Cologne, it probably has been us… By the way, it happens to me at least one time a week – there a lot of cool stores in Cologne that sell pretty and funny, but useless stuff. Wait a moment. Useless isn’t quite right… to be exact it isn’t correct at all. I have a lot of fun browsing through these stores …

At the Movies II How I met my outfit

At the Movies

(EN/DE) When was the last time you went to the movies? I haven’t watched a movie in cinema for a very long time, although I just love everything about going to the movies. Popcorn or nachos? Both! I just can’t decide which one I want, so I always buy both. Normally I have no problem to share my food, but when it comes to cinema I do have. I want to eat everything all alone. But that doesn’t work when you have your hands full. Well, that means sharing after all (but unwillingly). At this point I really have to laugh about myself because it’s so weird. But that’s how it is – I’d share everything with you, except my popcorn and my nachos. 

Tropical Print Twin Set II How I met my outfit

Trend: Tropical Prints

(EN/DE) Yesterday it has been so lovely and sunny in Cologne. And when I have a look through the window, it seems as if it’s going to be sunny and beautiful today as well. That’s why it’s high time for an ultimate summer look. And what could look more like summer, sunshine and holiday than tropical prints? These days tropical prints are very go-go. Because the weather wasn’t that nice the last weeks, I didn’t feel like dressing in tropical prints, but it changed totally with the first rays of sunshine. I just love my new tropical twin set – add a straw hat and sunnies and i feel like being on vacation. 

Lazy Sunday: Nail Fruits & Smoothies II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Nail Fruits & Smoothies

(EN/DE) The sun thing worked well. Yeah! The first item on my wish list is done (although I don’t know for how long). So, let’s get to the next point quickly: healthy eating. I decided to have a more healthy diet. I must confess that I’m not really a fruit and vegetable friend. When I think about it, I’m more like a fruit and vegetable denier. I know that it’s not healthy and because Bene rants at me from time to time, my plan looks like this: More fruits and vegetable, less sweets and fast food.