Monate: Juni 2014

Did someone say "Woodstock"? II How I met my outfit

Did someone say “Woodstock”?

(EN/DE) Did someone say „Woodstock“? I swear I heard someone say it while I was picking up this look. The Woodstock-Festival is legen… wait for it …dary! Legendary! I think it’s real cool that a onetime event has become symbol for a whole movement and its fashion. Probably most of us did not witness the Woodstock-Festival, but I guess almost everyone has an exact idea of it. If you visit my blog from time to time you may have noticed that I’m totally in love with the hippie style. But my new looks’ hippie style isn’t the only thing that’s „Woodstock“…

Lazy Sunday: Wellness-Tag mit Stadtparfümerie Pieper

Lazy Sunday: Wellness-Tag mit Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper

DE Tage, an denen ich nichts erledigen muss sind sehr selten geworden, fast ausgestorben. Obwohl ich versuche, alles Wichtige unter der Woche zu erledigen, heißt es am Wochenende: Lernen und Vorbereiten. Und selbst wenn das mal nicht nötig ist, gibt es in der eigenen Wohnung immer was zu tun – Aufräumen, Wäsche waschen, Putzen und und und. Zwischen all dem Alttagsstress vergessen wir manchmal uns Zeit für uns zu nehmen, einen ganzen Tag lang wirklich einfach mal zu entspannen, ohne zwischendurch auf die To-Do-Liste zu schielen. Mir fällt das sehr schwer, ich habe immer gefühlte 100 Dinge im Hinterkopf, die ich noch erledigen muss. Aber Erholung ist wichtig – für unseren Körper und unsere Seele. Und deshalb brauchen wir ab und an einen Tag, an dem wir uns um die wichtigste Sache kümmern – um uns selbst!

Little Big City Look. II How I met my outfit

Little Big City Look.

  (EN/DE) Nowadays it happens extremely rarely that I receive a classical text message. My friends mostly text me via Whats App or they just call me. The few text messages I receive, mostly are notifications about missed calls or advertising. Usually there’s nothing interesting in it, so from time to time it happens that they stay unread for a couple of days. It’s not that the tiny little numbers that appear in front of the message symbol don’t annoy me, but often I’m too lazy to get rid of them. Does it sound familiar to you? Sometimes I’m so lazy that I let myself get bugged by these kind of tiny little matters, instead of taking a minute and get it done. The day before yesterday I received a text message one again and I don’t know what came over me, but I read it immediately, as if I knew I was going to read something interesting: an invitation to Mangos pre-sale. 

World Cup Special II How I met my outfit

World Cup Special Look

(EN/DE) My Dears, during the last days it has been a little quiet on my blog. If you think I may have been on vacation or just enjoyed the beautiful weather, you’re not completely wrong with the last one, nor are you completely right. Truth is I worked with Bene on his very last-minute World Cup Song for 2014. If you didn’t knew, Bene isn’t only my boyfriend and photographer, but songwriter as well. And the whole World Cup story starts about two weeks ago when Bene had the idea to produce his own World Cup song…

Hippie Chic Maxi Dress II How I met my outfit

Hippie Chic Maxi Dresses

(EN/DE) Maxi dresses – an essential piece of clothing. Since years. And I’m so happy maxi dresses stay in trend. You can buy them for almost every occasion – for festivities, for a shopping trip or for a day on the beach. This weekend the weather means well for us – it’s unbelievably sunny and wonderful warm in Cologne. And if there’s something I love aside from these sunny days, it’s the mild summer evenings. But not only because of the pleasant temperatures and the golden sunset light, but also because of the wanton mood you can feel almost everywhere. You can see people are more happy, pleased and relaxed. It’s the same for me and these are the kind of evenings I love to wear maxi dresses that look light and casual. 

Summer Business Chic II How I met my outfit

Summer Business Chic

(EN/DE) It doesn’t have to be sweet and playful all the time – sometimes it may be a little classy and chic too. Even if you don’t care two fingers about business, like me, a cool summer business look is always right.  My most important date for yesterday has been „eating ice cream“, but even if you do have a really important business appointment, in summer it doesn’t always have to be a lady’s suit and a classic blouse. Lightly blouses and silk shirts, plain skirts or (currently very go-go) skorts, discreet jewelry and plain pumps – and your “summer business chic” look’s done.