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June 2014

Did someone say "Woodstock"? II How I met my outfit

Did someone say “Woodstock”?

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(EN/DE) Did someone say „Woodstock“? I swear I heard someone say it while I was picking up this look. The Woodstock-Festival is legen… wait for it …dary! Legendary! I think it’s real cool that a onetime event has become symbol for a whole movement and its fashion. Probably most of us did not witness the Woodstock-Festival, but I guess almost[...]
Lazy Sunday: Wellness-Tag mit Stadtparfümerie Pieper

Lazy Sunday: Wellness-Tag mit Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper

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DE Tage, an denen ich nichts erledigen muss sind sehr selten geworden, fast ausgestorben. Obwohl ich versuche, alles Wichtige unter der Woche zu erledigen, heißt es am Wochenende: Lernen und Vorbereiten. Und selbst wenn das mal nicht nötig ist, gibt es in der eigenen Wohnung immer was zu tun - Aufräumen, Wäsche waschen, Putzen und und und. Zwischen all[...]
Little Big City Look. II How I met my outfit

Little Big City Look.

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  (EN/DE) Nowadays it happens extremely rarely that I receive a classical text message. My friends mostly text me via Whats App or they just call me. The few text messages I receive, mostly are notifications about missed calls or advertising. Usually there’s nothing interesting in it, so from time to time it happens that they stay unread[...]
World Cup Special II How I met my outfit

World Cup Special Look

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(EN/DE) My Dears, during the last days it has been a little quiet on my blog. If you think I may have been on vacation or just enjoyed the beautiful weather, you’re not completely wrong with the last one, nor are you completely right. Truth is I worked with Bene on his very last-minute World Cup Song for 2014. If you didn’t knew, Bene isn’t only my b[...]
Hippie Chic Maxi Dress II How I met my outfit

Hippie Chic Maxi Dresses

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(EN/DE) Maxi dresses - an essential piece of clothing. Since years. And I’m so happy maxi dresses stay in trend. You can buy them for almost every occasion - for festivities, for a shopping trip or for a day on the beach. This weekend the weather means well for us - it’s unbelievably sunny and wonderful warm in Cologne. And if there’s something I lo[...]

Summer Business Chic

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(EN/DE) It doesn’t have to be sweet and playful all the time - sometimes it may be a little classy and chic too. Even if you don’t care two fingers about business, like me, a cool summer business look is always right.  My most important date for yesterday has been „eating ice cream“, but even if you do have a really important business appoint[...]