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July 2014

It's raining men! Hallelujah! II How I met my outfit

It’s raining men! Hallelujah!

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(EN/DE) I don’t know why, but every time it’s starts raining, a couple of songs about rain or at least with the word „rain“ come to my mind. My favorite rain song is the fantastic song „It’s raining men!“. But till this day I can’t decide which one I like better - the original by the Weather Girls or the cover by Geri Halliwell!? My ra[...]
What did you say? II How I met my outfit

What did you say?

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(EN/DE) „I didn’t say anything - but my shirt did.“ When I saw this shirt at Zara a couple of days ago, I noticed again how attracted I feel to labeled shirts. Of course, I need to be able to identify myself with the sayings. I’m not sure why I felt attracted by the word „loser“, but I needed to buy it, because I also like it's wide cropped sh[...]
That's why I have been so excited for summer to come! II How I met my outfit

That’s why I have been so excited for summer to come.

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(EN/DE) Each and every year I can’t wait for summer to come! But when summer’s finally there, I wonder why I have been so excited. It’s the first hot summer day. I’m lying on my bed, the sun is shining through the windows. I guess sun did that for a while, because it became super hot inside my flat. My good-morning-coffee makes me sweat even more. I[...]
FashionBloggerCafé Vol. VIII Berlin II How I met my outfit

FashionBloggerCafé Vol. VIII Berlin

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(EN/DE) MBFW. Friday, 11th July. Berlin Tempelhof. Pier 13. FashionBloggerCafé. Apparent air temperature: 30 °C. That’s how the past friday in Berlin started. The FashionBloggerCafé opened its doors at 12 am - we ran a little late and so we arrived at about 1 pm at the beautiful location Pier 13 that is located at the haven of Berlin Tempelhof. Althoug[...]
MBFW 2014 - Kilian Kerner Fashionshow & Aftershowparty II How I met my outfit

MBFW 2014 – Kilian Kerner Fashion Show & Aftershowparty

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DE Meine Lieben, hier nur ein kleines Update zwischendurch zur Fashion Week - ihr glaubt nicht, was für einen wundervollen Abend ich gestern hatte. Ich kann es selbst kaum glauben. Überhaupt bin ich schon vor einigen Wochen, als die Einladung zur Kilian Kerner Fashionshow bei mir eintrudelte, völlig aus dem Häuschen und quasi bis gestern Abend dauera[...]
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin - We're coming! II How I met my outfit

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – we’re coming!

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(EN/DE) I’m so excited - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is starting soon. My bags are packed and we’re about to go to Berlin. I’ve never been to Fashion Week before, so there were just two things on my mind during the last days: „What am I going to wear?“ and „Which event am I going to join?“. read more[...]