Monate: August 2014

Oversized Love II How I met my outfit

Oversized Love

(EN/DE) Although the weather has been quite nice yesterday, we’re kind of running with high speed into fall. And because nobody expected summer to be that short, I guess our wardrobes are full of somber clothing that missed their season and haven’t been worn for now. Added to that, hundreds of pieces we bought in sale to keep them for next summer. But honestly, who’s able to happily put the new pieces into the wardrobe, without wearing them once? I’m not. And that’s why the upcoming looks are going to be something in between summer and fall.

Trend: Birkenstock II How I met my outfit

Trend: Birkenstock

(EN/DE) “Dum dum dee dudedum da,dum dum de de dudedum ah… 365 days of the year running round, running round and going nowhere.“ This song came to my mind while I was running after my new pairs of Birkenstock a couple of days ago. Correct, I’m now owner of two Birkenstock pairs, that I was free to choose from the Peter Hahn online store (thank you so much). And now, I would love to wear them 365 days of the year. Why? Because they’re so super comfortable. 

Comfy Grey Maxi Dress II How I met my outfit

Comfy Grey Maxi Dress

(EN/DE) The last weeks haven’t been summerly at all. So I wished badly for a summer comeback. At least for one summerly day, with blue skies and warm sunshine. Without summer rain. Although the weather forecast didn’t sound promising, we decided spontaneously to spend some days at the North Sea in the Netherlands. If we won’t get our sunshine, we’ll get at least some beach and sea days. We arrived on Wednesday evening, when it already got dark. As soon as we got our things out of the car and made the beds, it started to rain and storm. And with this sizzling gas heater, we had to turn on, because it was really cold inside, it kind of felt like an untimely, but cozy fall evening. 

beliya GOOD COUTURE - Bloggers4Charity (+GIVEAWAY) II How I met my outfit

beliya GOOD COUTURE – Bloggers4Charity (+ GIVEAWAY)

*UPDATE 2*: Alle Gewinner wurden per E-mail benachrichtigt! <3 *UPDATE*: Die Schlüsselanhänger, die Ihr noch bis zum 31.08. gewinnen könnt sind heute bei mir eingetroffen und noch hübscher, als auf den Bildern. Allerdings sind sie braun / cognac und nicht rosa / pink!!   Hallo ihr Lieben, Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz, Charity. Das alles geht im Alltag oft an uns vorbei und ich schließe mich da nicht aus. Aber umso mehr freue ich mich, wenn ich zufällig auf ein Label stoße, welches sich eben diese Dinge zu Herzen nimmt und sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, nicht nur hübsche, sondern auch nachhaltige Mode zu produzieren. Vor ein paar Tagen erreichte mich eine Einladung zu einem Bloggercontest – das Charity Taschenlabel beliya ruft im Rahmen ihrer Kampagne GOOD COUTURE zusammen mit Ihren Partnern, den Onlineshops und und der Grazia und der Gala, Blogger dazu auf, ein Outfit zu ihrem neuen Charity-Taschenmodell „BELIEVE“ zusammenzustellen. Generell bin ich großer Fan von kreativen Wettbewerben, aber ich bin auch meistens erst mal skeptisch und nehme die Labels vorab genau unter die Lupe.

Some shoes are made for sitting... II How I met my outfit

Some shoes are made for sitting…

(EN/DE) Some shoes are made for sitting… „Aww, they fit, but I cannot walk. But they’re soooo beautiful – maybe I just put them into my wardrobe and have a look at them from time to time.“ said my friend Sarah when she tried on these shoes, I bought some time ago. I couldn’t walk wearing them as well, but they also were a little too big for me. If it just would have been the fact, that I can’t walk wearing them, I would have kept them. I know, it’s very logical. Shoes you can’t walk in anyways, at least have to fit to make you keep them. But they didn’t and so it was the perfect solution that these beautiful heels will be standing inside Sarahs wardrobe, because at least they fit her.

Leopard Prints & Jungle Drums

Leopard Print & Jungle Drums

(EN/DE) „My heart is beating like a jungle drum.“ There are so many different pattern – checked, striped, dotted, floral pattern, snake pattern, tiger pattern… But none of them divides the minds the way the leopard pattern does. And none of them makes so many women hearts leap for joy. Either you love it or you hate it. There’s nothing in between. But there’s a fine line between top and flop.