Monate: September 2014

Sunny Days - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over II How I met my outfit

Sunny Days – It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

(EN/DE) To say it with Lenny Kravitz’ words: It ain’t over ’til it’s over. While the last week started with cold and rainy weather, I stopped hoping for some more sunny fall days. So you can image how happy I had been when the weather became warmer and more friendly during the weekend. And that’s exactly when the song „It Ain’t Over ’Til It’s Over“ came to my mind. And what holds true for love, also hold true for seasons. And so, on this sunny weekend, I had the feeling of summer again. 

Blogparade: Collective Styles II How I met my outfit

Blogparade: Collective Styles

(EN/DE) Some weeks ago, startet the „Collective Styles“ blogparade in collaboration with, and Two for Fashion. Twelve bloggers, divided in three groups, are going to create a look with the topic „a sunday walk in fall“. The exciting thing about that: the blogparade is like a relay race. My team members are Ivette, Theresa and Annemarie. Ivette started with picking the top, Theresa then picked a matching bottom and now it’s up to me to pick some shoes. Because the whole outfit isn’t allowed to cost more than 200 €, each of us needs to find something up to 50 €.

Grey on Grey Chic II How I met my outfit

Grey on Grey Chic

(EN/DE) Inspired by the grey weather, I decided to go for a grey on grey look last weekend. For a long tome now, grey is one of my absolute favorite colors when it comes to clothes. Some years ago it has been so bad, that I imposed myself a „grey-ban“. But it didn’t last long and my wardrobe still is full of grey clothes that you can combine easily. I kind of think grey is my black. At least when it comes to sweaters and cardigans. 

My fearless moment II How I met my outfit

“My fearless moment” challenge by Otto

LEDERJACKE – Laura Scott // TASCHE – Cowboysbag // JEANS – AJC // SWEATER – Laura Scott // BOOTS – Buffalo // ARMBAND –  Elli // MÜTZE – Baskenmütze // LIPPENSTIFT – Maybelline Jade // NAGELLACK – Essie (EN/DE) Some weeks ago I received an invitation to join the challenge „My fearless moment“ by Otto. Their current Fearless Selection is about looks, that make you feel strong and self-confident. about fear I guess everybody knows it: situations that make you feel uncomfortable and unconfident. The reasons can be very different. Situations that deal with our jobs, university or similar things, may make us feel unconfident, because we’re afraid that we might not be well-prepared or we might won’t be able to show what we’ve got. In personal matters we might fear people could dislike is. But this fear is absolute normal and manlike. Everybody knows it. Some may be able to deal better with this fear than others and some may be more talented to cover up their nervousness, but in the end we’re all the same. 

Bonjour à Paris! II How I met my outfit

Bonjour à Paris!

  Paris, the city of love, as they say. If you have been there before, I guess you can tell why. To me, Paris has a very special flair, that I can hardly describe and that I only experienced in Paris. When I think about Paris, I first think about having a cozy little breakfast on a little french balcony, with croissants, jam, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. I think about a cozy long walk through one of the beautiful parks and of crazy passionate shopping. The life in Paris seems to be lively and calm at the same time. And I think this is exactly the magic I feel. Although I’m currently not in Paris, I love to dream myself there – and of course I didn’t refuse to annoy Bene with (unconvincing) french accent while we did the photo shoot. Magnifique!

Childhood Sweets & #flashmob lipsticks II How I met my outfit

Childhood Sweets & #flashmob Lipsticks

(EN/DE) Sweets. Every child loves sweets. The sweeter and the more colorful the better. When I was a child sweets truly were able to sweeten my day. And when I decided to eat sweets, I enjoyed and celebrated it – bubblegum wasn’t there to freshen your breath, chocolate bars weren’t made to snack on and if I needed a reason to eat popcorn, I didn’t had to turn on the television. Eating sweets was an activity by its own, like roller-skating and collecting ladybugs or Panini sticker. And I remember it has been one of my favorite hobbies.