Monate: Oktober 2014

In love with... WOOL COATS II How I met my outfit

In love with… WOOL COATS

(EN/DE) „In love with… CAPES“ and „In love with… OVERKNEES“ follows today „In love with… WOOL COATS“. There was a time in my life, I refused to wear coats and winter jackets. I decided to wear three sweaters underneath my summer jackets and freeze unmovable through winter. I really can’t tell why. But if that wouldn’t have been enough – I had the same „problem“ with boots once, maybe it has been at the same time. „Who’s this crazy girl wearing a denim jacket and ballerinas in winter?“ That was me. But luckily these days are over and I’m in love with coats and boots since years. At the top of my „although I already got one, I need to buy some more-list“ currently stands a wool coat.

Shitstorm: Neues Kleiderkreisel Bezahlsystem II How I met my outfit

Shitstorm: neues Kleiderkreisel Bezahlsystem

photo: © DOC RABE Media – DE „Liebe Mitglieder,   Kleiderkreisel ist in den letzten Jahren richtig erfolgreich geworden und ihr habt das ermöglicht. Kleiderkreisel lebt von den vielen tollen Kreislern, von eurem Feedback und euren Erfahrungen.    Heute glauben wir, den nächsten Schritt wagen zu können. Darum führen wir das Kleiderkreisel Bezahlsystem bald ein. …“   So beginnt das offizielle Statement, das seit ein paar Tagen auf Kleiderkreisel zu lesen ist. Der Grund: Zwei Tage zuvor hatte das Kleiderkreisel Team die Community über die geplante Einführung eines neuen Bezahlsystems informiert und brachte damit einen regelrechten Shitstorm ins Rollen. Zum Verständnis für alle, die mit Kleiderkreisel nichts am Hut haben: Kleiderkreisel ist ein Onlineportal, auf dem hauptsächlich gebrauchte Kleidung verkauft, gekauft und getauscht wird. Ein virtueller Kleiderflohmarkt eben. Das Besondere: gebührenfrei für Verkäufer und Käufer. Aber Kleiderkreisel ist nicht nur der virtuelle, gebührenfreie Kleiderflohmarkt – in den letzten Jahren hat sich eine große und starke Community zusammengefunden, die sich tagtäglich über das Kleiderkreisel Forum austauscht und die Idee „Second Hand als erste Wahl“ unterstützt. …

Boyish Boyfriend Charme II How I met my outfit

Boyish Boyfriend Charme

(EN/DE) „Are you a boy or a girl?“ he asks me. „I girl!!“ I answer disgustedly. This happened some years ago at a festival. It was dark and rainy. I was wearing wide jeans, sneakers and a rain jacket. The hood covered my unmade-up face. When I think about it today I understand that it wasn’t clear if I’m a girl or a boy. But at that time I brood about it for a while – am I only clearly recognizable as a girl, when I’m wearing typical girls clothes!?

In love with... OVERKNEES II How I met my outfit

In love with… OVERKNEES (under 200 €)

(EN/DE) The first post of „In love with…“ was about CAPES – and here comes my second declaration of love. This time I’m „In love with… OVERKNEES“! What has been THE trend in the 1980s, obviously quickly became a fashion faux pas, although Julia Roberts truly casted a spell over us with her role in Pretty Women despite (or maybe just because) wearing overknees. That has been in 1990. Does it really took about 24 year, that trendsetters were able to replace the shady image of over knees? Not exactly. Over-the-knee boots already make a comeback since some years, but this fall/winter they finally made it to the must-have list. 

The New (Year's Eve) Dress by Hybrid II How I met my outfit

The New (Year’s Eve) Dress by Hybrid

(EN/DE) The usual New Year’s Eve madness. There are almost 365 days in a year that we think about our outfit of the day, but it seems as if there’s no look that is more important and more well-considered than our New Year’s Eve look. While one of my friends decided some years ago to go to bed at 11 pm on each and every December 31 to keep herself from week-long planning and preparing, everybody else asks themselves two questions: What am I going to do? And what am I going to wear? The time lapse, when people start to plan their New Year’s Eve is long – I’ve got friends, who already ask me what we’re going to do in September (!!), but I’ve also got friends, who only right after Christmas happen to notice New Year’s Eve is coming. But sooner or later almost everyone gets grabbed by New Year’s Eve madness.

Blogger Fashionweek Cocooning II How I met my outfit

Blogger Fashionweek – Cocooning

(EN/DE) As you may have read, our Blogger Fashionweek startet last Monday. Seven blogs, seven days, one topic. This week: „Cocooning“. During the last days my blogger colleagues from Belle Mélange, Goldencherry, Fashionjudy, Diamonds & Candyfloss and Blondhairpinkheart already showed you some beautiful fall looks. Today it’s my turn and tomorrow you’ll find the last but not least look on freak in you.