Monate: Dezember 2014

Big Winter Sale Guide II How I met my outfit

Shopping // Big Winter Sale Guide

Bild oben: Armband // Kleid schwarz // Kleid silber // Kurzpullover // Handtasche // Plateau Pumps // Ohrhänger // Boots // iphone 5 Hülle // Armband // Kleid gold // Rock   (DE) Ihr Lieben, ich hoffe, ihr hattet alle ein wundervolles Weihnachtsfest und habt es euch mit euren Liebsten gut gehen lassen. Ich habe Weihnachten bei meinen und bei Benes Eltern verbracht und habe in der Zeit mein Laptop und mein Handy einfach mal beiseite gelegt und mich voll und ganz auf die Familie, Essen und noch mehr Essen konzentriert. Auch wenn ich ein bisschen traurig bin, dass die wunderschöne, besinnliche Weihnachtszeit für dieses Jahr schon wieder vorbei ist, freue ich mich riesig auf das, was nun folgt: natürlich Silvester und der lang ersehnte große Winter Sale.

BFW // Sparkling December Fotos: J.Schneider II How I met my outfit

BFW // Sparkling December

(EN/DE) It’s time for Blogger Fashionweek No. 3. And which topic could be more seasonable than „Sparkling December“!? The christmas decoration sparkles, we sparkle, the snow sparkles. No, wait! There’s no snow! I did my research and found out that the chances for snow aren’t desperate, but vanishingly low. But Frank Sinatra and I are taking care and  are going to sing „Let it snow!“ every hour until wednesday. So, if it will (contrary to expectations) snow on wednesday, you know who you’ll have to thank!

Super Last Minute X-Mas Shopping Guide II How I met my outfit

Super Last Minute X-Mas Shopping Guide

(EN/DE) If you still need to buy some christmas presents (like me) or you’re still searching for the perfect “christmas look” (like me), you unfortunately need to hush into the overloaded cities. At least if there weren’t these super crazy online shops, that still promise to deliver your christmas presents in time. I know, it might be a nerve-racking thing, but no risk, nor reward. And whoever likes to risk, here’s a little super last minute christmas shopping guide.

Jumpsuits for Christmas & New Year's Eve II How I met my outfit

Jumpsuits for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

  1. black jumpsuit with fringes – Rare via Topshop (about 68 €) 2. red strapless jumpsuit – Love via Topshop (about 60 €) 3. sleveless black jumpsuit – Vero Moda via OTTO (about 55 €) 4. sleveless velvet jumpsuit – Topshop via Zalando (about 55 €) 5. jumpsuit with sequins – French Connection via Edited (about 265 €) 6. sleeveless beige jumpsuit – Love via Topshop (about 60 €) 7. black belted jumpsuit – Mango via Zalando (about 70 €) 8.  jumpsuit with sequins – Miss Selfridge via Zalando (about 85 €) 9. jumpsuit with lace and pearls – Lace & Beads via Edited (about 60 €) 10. dark blue velvet jumpsuit  – Topshop via Zalando (about 65 €) 11. jumpsuit with lace details – Oasis (about 75 €) 12. metallic wine red playsuit  – Oh My Love via Topshop (about 50 €)   (EN/DE) Christmas 2014 – a week tomorrow it is already Christmas Eve. And my to-do-list gets bigger and bigger. Each and every year I again plan to do a lot of things and think „Well, Christmas is still far away.“, but then, one week before …

New in: Sunnies by London Retro via II How I met my outfit

New in: Sunnies by London Retro via

(EN/DE) Ho Ho Ho… Santa already stepped by. And what did I get? New sunnies by London Retro*. Although it’s not really sunny at the moment, I think sunnies are always a good idea and also make a good Christmas present. I must confess, I’m still hoping for white Christmas. And when the sun would also shine and we could happily tramp around on a sunny winter day – it would be a great end-of-year! But even if this year won’t bring us some more sunny days – it’s only 192 days left until beginning of summer.