Monate: Januar 2015

Giveaway: necklace "MELIKA" II How I met my outfit

Giveaway: Neat to. necklace “MELIKA”

(EN/DE) *UPDATE* The lucky winner is: @dariasmimi <3 I know, I know, the word „Giveaway“ makes everybody prick up their ears. But that’s how it should be! Because today I haven’t got only a (really cool) giveaway for you, but we also have a reason to celebrate: the label Neat to., based in Hamburg, opened their online shop yesterday and has a lot of beautiful and affordable lifestyle accessories in stock. „Fascinated by the cultures of South Asia and South Africa, inspired by the Hippie markets of Ibiza and driven by passion for fashion…”

Berlin (Blogger) Fashion Week II How I met my outfit

Berlin (Blogger) Fashion Week

(EN/DE) Even if you didn’t make it to Berlin this week, didn’t sit in the front row and didn’t freeze five days at a time well dressed through winter, it probably has been no problem at all, to stay up to date about what’s going on in Berlin (Thanks to Instagram!). Yes, maybe I’m a little bit jealous, cause’ I haven’t found the time, to go to Berlin, but it also has been really nice, to sit at home, no-make up, just sweatpants and spy out what’s going on in Berlin. And there was a lot going on!

Pimp my pineapple X switch it sunnies II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

Pimp my pineapple X switch it sunnies

(EN/DE) Brr… do you also think it’s too cold outside at the moment? No matter how warm I’m dressed, I start to shiver, when I’m outside for more than twenty minutes. (I wonder what the Eskimos do?) But maybe it’s because of my false expectations. I’m sitting in my warm kitchen, drinking a hot coffee, I look out of my window, the sun is shining. Conclusion: No indication of coldness. My mind pipes up: „Girl, it’s no more than end of January. It’s cold, for sure!“ Okay, I’ll dress warm, but hopefully I’m not going to sweat. For the first five minutes, I think: „Thank you so much, stupid brain, it’s not cold at all. Now I’m standing here like an idiot wearing my winter coat, winter boots, a scarf and a beanie.“ But twenty minutes later, I kind of go: „Oh, no, come on, brain! What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you remind me of taking gloves with me? Or ski underclothing? And in general: Why do you call this sheer fabric my „winter …

In love with... (faux) leather pants! by How I met my outfit

In love with… (Faux) Leather Pants

(DE/EN) Welcome to 2015! And welcome to the Matrix! At least when we’re talking about the current leather trend! While leather pants have been more like the last try for years, they now have become the latest craze. And so they made it to an absolute must-have, like their older sisters, the leather jackets, did before. I already showed you my current favorite faux leather pants here, but the fashion industry has a lot more great leather pants to offer!

I've got my leather pants on today! by How I met my outfit II photos by: Madame Rossi Fotografie

I’ve got my leather pants on today!

(DE/EN) Day 14 in 2015. Coffee and chia pudding. I’m all set. A look at my to-do-list tells: there are just two things done out of more than twenty. And one of these two things is only done for the moment. Because, to be honest, „do the laundry“ disappears at least for 48 hours. I have no idea why it’s always like that, but if my hair from now on would grow as fast as my pile of washing does, I would turn into Rapunzel the day after tomorrow. And if I would be Rapunzel soon, I would be sitting in a tower and probably wouldn’t have any to-do-list (and any laundry problem either). But this idea causes a problem – where should I get a tower from that quickly? The only tower that comes to my mind is Colognes TV tower. And I guess I would have to pay a rack rent. I wonder if Rapunzel needed to pay a rent? Hopefully she had a Tangle Teezer to comb all of her hair. How …

How I met my outfit - The big furry Yeti coat

The big furry Yeti coat

(EN/DE) #storyofmylife: Lately at H&M: It was clear from the outset that I wouldn’t stick to my intention to only buy a new bag and be home again in about one hour. The question is, why we are making these kind of plans again and again, when it never comes off. Maybe we try to give destiny a leg up!? Because honestly, the best buys happen, when we little liars vow to ourselves to quickly get into the city to only buy a specific garment. I have no idea, why it’s always like that, but when it works, I’m fine with it.