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February 2015

The Cotton Candy Coat II How I met my outfit

The Cotton Candy Coat

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(EN/DE) Cotton Candy and love apples, bumper car and raffle ticket booth, roasted almonds and pickled cucumber… everyone thinks of a different word, but we all mean the same: funfair, fairground, kermess. How long I haven’t been there! As a child I totally loved it - especially the raffle ticket booth and „pull strings“ - although it’s the[...]
Favorite Fashion Spring / Summer Trends 2015 II How I met my outfit

6 Favorite Spring / Summer Fashion Trends 2015

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(EN/DE) Slowly but surely I’m fed up with winter - and that means it’s time to have a look at the upcoming fashion trends for spring and summer 2015. Besides some well-known trends, we can also look forward to some new and interesting ones. And because the upcoming season has a lot to offer, I decided to show my absolute favorites more[...]
Let's get serious - Casual Business Chic II How I met my outfit Fashion Blog

Let’s get serious – Casual Business Chic

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(EN/DE) Cologne carnival is finally over and that means it’s time to get serious again. Even though I had a really great time being Minnie, a fortuneteller and a Hippie girl, I’m looking forward to dress normally again. If you’ve read my latest post „Concrete Jungle“, I’m sorry to say, but I told a lie. Ooops. Of course it wasn’t on pu[...]
Shopping Inspiration - Shinola Detroit II How I met my outfit

Shinola Detroit – Shopping Inspiration

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Attention: Here’s a new online shop for you! If you love high-quality leather goods and watches, that come in a very classical design, I’ve got something interesting for you: The storied American brand Shinola Detroit just opened their German online store and is primarily specializing in classical and timeless watches and leather goods. But I also f[...]
Concrete Jungle Look II How I met my outfit

Concrete Jungle

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(EN/DE) "…where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York Cologne.“ New York or Cologne - where’s the difference? Ok, although I’m badly in love with Cologne, I must confess that there might be a little difference between these two cities. Aside from the fact that Cologne (of course) is much more beauti[...]
Black & White II How I met my outfit

Black & White (like a panda)

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(EN/DE) Short story: „Why Black & White is always right!“ Giant pandas show us how to do and we copy it. When I think about looks that you can’t go wrong with, there are exactly three combinations that come to my mind: 1. the classical #allblackeverything look, 2. blue jeans and white shirts and 3. black & white looks.  But why? I[...]