Monate: Februar 2015

The Cotton Candy Coat II How I met my outfit

The Cotton Candy Coat

(EN/DE) Cotton Candy and love apples, bumper car and raffle ticket booth, roasted almonds and pickled cucumber… everyone thinks of a different word, but we all mean the same: funfair, fairground, kermess. How long I haven’t been there! As a child I totally loved it – especially the raffle ticket booth and „pull strings“ – although it’s the most unspectacular thing you can do at the funfair. „Prizes, prizes, prizes! No blanks! Every ticket wins!“ As a child you firmly believe that this time you’ll win the biggest soft toy the ticket man has to offer. But oh no, countless times you go home with a stupid little keychain. Some learn from that and leave gambling behind. Others start to join the lottery and firmly believe that one day they will win the biggest prize the lottery fairy has to offer. But we all now what they gonna take home countless times…

Let's get serious - Casual Business Chic II How I met my outfit Fashion Blog

Let’s get serious – Casual Business Chic

(EN/DE) Cologne carnival is finally over and that means it’s time to get serious again. Even though I had a really great time being Minnie, a fortuneteller and a Hippie girl, I’m looking forward to dress normally again. If you’ve read my latest post „Concrete Jungle“, I’m sorry to say, but I told a lie. Ooops. Of course it wasn’t on purpose, but I told you I’m going to celebrate carnival only some days…. but as we all know, things never turn out the way you expect. And so it happened that we joined carnival every single day. Although I love „serious“ looks, I can’t stay serious for a long time. On sundays it is worst. Let me explain: Every single sunday, some friends and me meet at our favorite bar and I have no clue why it’s always like that, but our conversations are so silly all the time. Maybe it’s because of the weekday – a lot of people take sundays very serious and they wouldn’t leave their couch under any circumstances. I’ve once acted the same, but somehow …

Shopping Inspiration - Shinola Detroit II How I met my outfit

Shinola Detroit – Shopping Inspiration

Attention: Here’s a new online shop for you! If you love high-quality leather goods and watches, that come in a very classical design, I’ve got something interesting for you: The storied American brand Shinola Detroit just opened their German online store and is primarily specializing in classical and timeless watches and leather goods. But I also fell in love with the beautiful Shinola Bicycles, although I’m anything but a bicycle person. What might be interesting as well: Against all trends, Shinola doesn’t produce their products overseas, but in America. And that’s what they’re up to: defining American luxury through American quality. 1. envelope for 13″ MacBook – Shinola (about 245 €) 2. large wallet – Shinola (about 195 €) 3. The Women’s Bixby bicycle – Shinola (about 1950 €) 4. The Gomelsky watch – Shinola (about 545 €) 5. The Birdy double wrap leather strap watch – Shinola (about 525 €) 6. large hard linen journal – Shinola (about 19,95 €) 7. The Birdy double wrap leather strap watch – Shinola (about 475 €) 8. drawstring bag – Shinola (about 275 …

Concrete Jungle Look II How I met my outfit

Concrete Jungle

(EN/DE) “…where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York Cologne.“ New York or Cologne – where’s the difference? Ok, although I’m badly in love with Cologne, I must confess that there might be a little difference between these two cities. Aside from the fact that Cologne (of course) is much more beautiful, New York may be a little more lively. But during the next days the gap is going to decrease. Why? Because it’s Cologne carnival! And that means streets will be crowded and there will be almost nothing you can’t do, or become – just like in New York!

Black & White II How I met my outfit

Black & White (like a panda)

(EN/DE) Short story: „Why Black & White is always right!“ Giant pandas show us how to do and we copy it. When I think about looks that you can’t go wrong with, there are exactly three combinations that come to my mind: 1. the classical #allblackeverything look, 2. blue jeans and white shirts and 3. black & white looks.  But why? I think it’s because black and white virtually suit everybody. Maybe the giant panda better than the cow, but nobody really looks weird when wearing black and white. At least I have never ever thought: „Oh dear, I’m so sorry, but black isn’t your color!“