Monate: April 2015

White Boho Dress & Great Escape // How I met my outfit // photos: Benedikt Napolowski

White Boho Dress & Great Escape

(ENGLISH / DEUTSCH) It’s the end of April, summer is coming closer and closer and our wardrobes get filled with summer dresses, sandals and shorts. And probably we all feel the same: we like to go on summer vacation – somewhere far away. But sometimes things turn out different as hoped for: no time, no money – the great vacation need to be shunted to next summer. So, no „Great Escape“, right!? Yes, maybe. Or maybe not. Of course, going on vacation is great, but does it always have to be faraway places and desert islands? Or is it possible to experience some feeling of a „Great Escape“ right where we are?

Weekly Flashback No. 3 II How I met my outfit

Weekly Flashback No. 3

(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) Sunday As I already told you, I’ve been so slowly last Sunday, that I sat in front of my laptop for donkey’s years to finish the “Weekly Flashback No. 2“. So there wasn’t much time left for some other craziness and we just had a relaxed evening at the balcony. By the way, that’s currently my absolute favorite place to be. Monday After waking up in my sleeping bag at the balcony… I’m kidding. The last Monday totally threw me off the track. We went to Bonn to get some things done at university and the plan was to shoot a new look after that – but everything went completely different. (Good and exciting different.) Unfortunately, it’s a secret and I can’t tell you know, but I hope I can tell you soon. Rest of Monday was gaga and so we just had another evening at the balcony. Tuesday Tuesday began as weird as Monday did end up. But because coffee can tidy up everything, it became better at midday! But because I had been that gaga on Monday …

This is summer. // How I met my outfit // photos: Benedikt Napolowski

This is summer.

(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) „Dear brain, I know, it’s early in the morning and we only had one coffee by now. But, come on, we need to write this blogpost right now. So, what do you think, when you look at the pictures?” „SUUUUUUUNSHIIIIIINE!! SEEEEEEAAAAA!! BEEEEAAAAACH!!” „Yeeees, haha, soooo good! This day at the sea was just incredible. I can totally understand your joy, but we need some more sophisticated thoughts for this blogpost. So, go on!“ „BIIIIKIIINIIII!”

Weekly Flashback No. 2 // How I met my outfit

Weekly Flashback No. 2

(ENGLISH / DEUTSCH) Sunday Last sunday I just started the „Weekly Flashbacks“ and only one week later I must confess, that there aren’t always a lot of things to tell. Haha. Monday Oh, well, do you know the moments when on Thursday you can’t remember what you did on Monday!? So, I don’t know – I guess I did less, than I had planned to do. The probability that I ate a schnitzel is very high, as well. But one thing happened for sure: Because the weather has been pretty sunny, I definitely was sitting outside – somewhere. Tuesday Tuesdays memories are also gone. But I definitely published the look „True Love: Denim Shorts“, that we shot on Sunday. In the evening we had a little barbecue on the balcony – with Bratmaxe for example.

Weekly Flashback No. 2 // How I met my outfit

Let’s get ready for Coachella Weekend No. 2

(ENGLISH / DEUTSCH) I guess most of us probably won’t travel to California this weekend, won’t visit Coachella and won’t dance the night away on desert sand. Is it a pity? YES! Is it a reason to be sad? Maybe. But for those, who would love to experience a little bit of Coachella flair, consolation is in sight: This year hippie, boho and 70ies looks are more fashionable than ever – and not only for two weekends in California. Fringes, suede, lace and crochet details dominate the fashion collections in store. Anyone who’s not a big fan of that, probably won’t get lucky this summer. But for everyone else, including me, it’s like a big Coachella party 2 go!

True Love: Denim Shorts II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

True Love: Denim Shorts

(ENGLISH // DEUTSCH) How fast things can change: until a couple of years ago, even wild horses couldn’t drag me to wear denim shorts. And today!? Today im truly in love with denim shorts. It’s another story, why it has been like that, but let me say it that way: some people think they’re too grossly and other think they’re too skinny. But nobody’s perfect and that’s why we should like us the way we are.