Monate: Mai 2015

Flared Hippie Pants - The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants II How I met my outfit Blog II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

Flared Hippie Pants – The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants

(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) Each and every summer, there are countless palazzo pants inside the stores. Floral prints,   airy fabrics and loose patterns – the perfect pants for summer days, on vacation and at home. (Preferably on vacation, of course.) But palazzo pants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people find them too playful or too shapeless. Some have the feeling to „go down“ in palazzo pants and others think palazzo pants appear bulky. So, whoever only dislikes the shape of palazzo pants, may fall in love with the new trend pants: flared hippie pants.

Summer Jeans Trend: White Flared Jeans II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

White Flared Jeans by True Religion

(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) The all time favorite jeans, for sure, are blue jeans. They have always been and probably always will be – no matter if light blue or dark blue ones, skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, high waist jeans or boyfriend jeans – blue jeans are timeless and they’re up to date 365 days of the year. But besides blue jeans, there are also some new jeans trends each and every year. Currently you’ll find a lot of white jeans inside the fashion stores, especially flared ones. White is THE summer trend color since years and flared jeans are celebrating their big comeback this summer! How to style white flared jeans? I would say white flared jeans are the most complicated jeans to style. One thing that holds true for all white pants: Watch out what you wear under your pants and watch out where you sit down! And for (white) flared jeans you also have to pay attention to the following things: the perfect length What’s no problem for skinny jeans, is a big one for flared ones: flared jeans that are …

How to wear boyfriend jeans II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

How to wear ripped boyfriend jeans

ENGLISCH / DEUTSCH Boyfriend jeans can bear a true challenge. Besides the fact, that it already can be pretty difficult to find boyfriend jeans that fit perfectly, we ask ourselves: „How do I wear them?“. Because not everything that works for our skinny, straight leg, bootcut or high waist jeans, does also work for boyfriend jeans. 

Hidden Fringes II How I met my outfit I photos: Benedikt Napolowski

Hidden Fringes

(ENGLISH / DEUTSCH) This year fringes are the must-have! Whether we’re talking about shoes, bags, necklaces, jackets, vests, shirts or skirts – everything that comes with fringes is up to date! And how do we like that? Well, I don’t know how you like it, but I think it’s great. I already showed you a fringed vest in the look „Double Denim meets 70ies“ and a fringed shirt in the look „This is summer“. And for todays look I picked up a very special fringed piece: a fringed suede cape. 

The printed bohemian blouse II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

The printed bohemian blouse

(ENGLISCH/DEUTSCH) I think I don’t have to tell again, that I’m totally in love with the current Hippie / Bohemian trend. But it doesn’t have to be „hippie“ from head to toe all the time – sometimes it’s enough to add a key piece to give some bohemian vibe to the look. Am I talking about my new skinny jeans? Of course not. I’m talking about my new printed blouse. Love at first sight.

Review: Sleep Tea by Your Tea // How I met my outfit

Review: Sleep Tea by Your Tea

It’s been four weeks now since I started to drink the Sleep Tea by Your Tea* and since I’m finished today, it’s time for a big review. About the Sleep Tea The Sleep Tea by Your Tea is a mood tea that helps with anxiety and stress by having a calming and relaxing effect. It contains Malt, Lily, Ju Jubel, Lotus, Liquorice Root, Lavender, Chinese Red Tea, Gynostemma Pentaphylia and Rose. Your Tea recommends to drink at least one tea per day and not more than three teas per day. And you should avoid drinking the tea with meals. A box with 40 teabags costs 20,00 €. My expectations Until lately I would’t have considered to drink a mood tea, even less when it’s a tea that helps with stress. Why? Because normally I’m everything else but stressed and anxious. When I’m good at one thing, than it’s definitely at relaxing. But during the last month I had so much to do with university and work and I had so many ideas and plans for the blog in my …