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June 2015

Interior - Wood & Stone Walls II How I met my outfit II photos: left: Egger's Einrichten // right top: Comoglio Architetti // right bottom: Berliner Fliesenmarkt

Interior – Wood & Stone Walls

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(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) Do you from time to time think about how you would furnish your own house in the future? I mean the beautiful house close to your favorite town, with a huge colorful flower garden, an own pool and a gorgeous terrace where you do barbecues with your friends all summer long!? Well, even if this house isn’t in sight at all, I really l[...]
Light Blue Is My Summer Color II How I met my outfit II photos: Jochen Schneider

Light Blue Is My Summer Color!

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(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) „It’s a boy(friend jeans)!“ And this time it’s not only any boyfriend jeans, but this gorgeous model by the New Yorker brand DL1961. Todays look combines two of my personal summer 2015 trends: boyfriend jeans and shades of light blue. You can find some tipps about how to find the right boyfriend jeans and how to style it here.[...]
Calvin Klein Is In Town #mycalvins

Calvin Klein Is In Town! #mycalvins

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(ENGLISCH/DEUTSCH) Calvin Klein is in Cologne! Of course, I’m not talking about Mr. Calvin Klein, but about the new Calvin Klein Jeans store that opened a couple of weeks ago in Cologne. (You can read more about the Calvin Klein Jeans store opening here.) Since then you can discover the new #mycalvins styles on 170 sqm at the modern and puristic Calv[...]