Monate: Oktober 2015

Review: Stylish Earphones By Sudio Sweden II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski / Dana Lohmüller

Review: Stylish Earphones by Sudio Sweden

(English / Deutsch) Today it’s all about a very special fashion accessory: earphones. The important thing when it comes to earphones isn’t only the design, but also especially the sound and wearing comfort – because, let’s be honest – besides looking good, they first of all need to sound good. The swedish label Sudio Sweden combines both with their stylish earphones – timeless elegant design and high quality. And I did the soundcheck for you:

Pink Business II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

Pink Business

(English / Deutsch) A couple of weeks ago, when we had been to the SARAR store event in Düsseldorf, I spotted this dark pink long blazer and fell in love immediately. It’s pretty difficult to find colored blazers of high quality, because most blazers come in muted colors, like black or grey. But there are so many ways to style interesting looks with colored blazers. Pink Business To be honest, pink isn’t a famous business color and it for sure doesn’t fit any business matter, but if you have an artistically job or you like to wear blazers during leisure time, you don’t necessarily have to go for black or grey ones. Colored blazers, tail coats or long blazers make your look both easygoing and chic. So long as you go for the right model – quality, style and material are pretty important. Soft flowing fabrics look a lot more classy and elegant than cotton or linen. Bargains are good, but if your blazer also looks like a bargain, you should let it be. Because …

Sporty With American Apparel II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

Sporty & Cozy With American Apparel

(English / Deutsch) It’s getting sporty today! When I had been to the American Apparel store in Cologne some weeks ago, I had the idea of a cozy and sporty fall look with thigh high socks, a beanie and a cozy XXL cardigan. Here it is. thigh high socks I guess there’s no need to talk about over knee boots again!? Everybody knows it and almost everybody loves it. But what about over knee socks? To be honest – if I wouldn’t have seen them at Amercian Apparel by accident, I probably would have never searched for it. But I immediately had the the idea of a sporty look with jeans shorts, a beanie and sneakers – and we all know what happens, when you have an idea… The thigh high socks I decided to go for are very sporty and I thought that’s also the only sensible way to style them. But since I’m deeply in love with thigh high socks now, I’m thinking about getting another pair in grey or black to style …

Denim & Fall Colors II How I met my outfit II photos: Benedikt Napolowski

Denim & Fall Colors

(English / Deutsch) Finally, I have the chance to show you the very first look with my new vintage MCM bag, that I found some weeks ago at the Glück & Glanz boutique opening event in Cologne. (You can read everything about the vintage designer bags by Glück & Glanz here.) To create a perfekt fall look, I decided to go for different shades of brown and a material mix.