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Casual Street Style X myClassico II How I met my outfit

Street Style X myClassico – MBFWB III

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(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this look a couple of days ago. Actually, I wore this look for the last day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, but because it’s one of my absolute favorites, I decided to show you today in detail. (That means there are a lot more MBFWB looks I’m going to show you soon.) For the most[...]
Calvin Klein Is In Town #mycalvins

Calvin Klein Is In Town! #mycalvins

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(ENGLISCH/DEUTSCH) Calvin Klein is in Cologne! Of course, I’m not talking about Mr. Calvin Klein, but about the new Calvin Klein Jeans store that opened a couple of weeks ago in Cologne. (You can read more about the Calvin Klein Jeans store opening here.) Since then you can discover the new #mycalvins styles on 170 sqm at the modern and puristic Calv[...]
How to wear boyfriend jeans II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

How to wear ripped boyfriend jeans

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ENGLISCH / DEUTSCH Boyfriend jeans can bear a true challenge. Besides the fact, that it already can be pretty difficult to find boyfriend jeans that fit perfectly, we ask ourselves: „How do I wear them?“. Because not everything that works for our skinny, straight leg, bootcut or high waist jeans, does also work for boyfriend jeans. read more[...]
Double Denim meets 70ies II How I met my outfit

Double Denim meets 70ies

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(ENGLISH/DEUTSCH) Do you think there is any other fabric that is cooler, more versatile and more timeless than denim!? I. Don’t. Think. So. And if it was up to me, everything would be said for today. But unfortunately it’s not up to me - oh, wait - this is my fashion blog, isn’t it!? So, it is up to my. Well, great, that’s it! Have a wonderful w[...]
It's time for neoprene, baby!

It’s time for neoprene, baby!

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(ENGLISH / DEUTSCH) Neoprene - the stuff that diving suits are made of. Until some years ago, we probably all would have thought of diving suits when hearing the word „neoprene“. But at least since the neoprene bikinis by Triangl made it through our Instagram accounts directly into our hearts and wardrobes last summer, we all know that neoprene is in[...]
The Cotton Candy Coat II How I met my outfit

The Cotton Candy Coat

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(EN/DE) Cotton Candy and love apples, bumper car and raffle ticket booth, roasted almonds and pickled cucumber… everyone thinks of a different word, but we all mean the same: funfair, fairground, kermess. How long I haven’t been there! As a child I totally loved it - especially the raffle ticket booth and „pull strings“ - although it’s the[...]