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Trend: Birkenstock II How I met my outfit

Trend: Birkenstock

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(EN/DE) "Dum dum dee dudedum da,dum dum de de dudedum ah… 365 days of the year running round, running round and going nowhere.“ This song came to my mind while I was running after my new pairs of Birkenstock a couple of days ago. Correct, I’m now owner of two Birkenstock pairs, that I was free to choose from the Peter Hahn online store (thank you so[...]
What did you say? II How I met my outfit

What did you say?

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(EN/DE) „I didn’t say anything - but my shirt did.“ When I saw this shirt at Zara a couple of days ago, I noticed again how attracted I feel to labeled shirts. Of course, I need to be able to identify myself with the sayings. I’m not sure why I felt attracted by the word „loser“, but I needed to buy it, because I also like it's wide cropped sh[...]