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In love with... FESTIVE STYLES II How I met my outfit

In love with… FESTIVE STYLES

1. feather cape – Topshop (about 140 €)

2. pleated skirtTopshop (about 78 €)

3. body – Elisabetta Franchi via Zalando (about 160 €)

4. nail polish “Don’t Tell Mama” – Deborah Lippmann via KaDeWe (about 22,00 €)

5. bracelet – RIO via melovely (about 90,00 €)

6. eyeshadowsArtdeco (about 5,00 € each)

7. earrings – Sweet Deluxe via Valmano (about 20,00 €)

8. clutchASOS (about 26,00 €)

9. high heelsBuffalo (about 100 €)



Days are getting shorter, it’s getting cold outside, maybe you’ve caught the first cold and it’s only some days until the christmas markets open their doors. Somehow it feels like I’ve never been more excited for Christmas as this year. The christmas magic already got me and so I’m looking forward to the first glühwein, the first roasted almonds, to baking cookies and to the first snow. I’m looking forward to buying presents and wrapping it up lovely. I can’t wait for these cozy Christmas evening with my beloved ones. And of course I’m looking forward to festive styles. Each and every year, some weeks before Christmas, I start to think about what I could wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And one thing’s always definite: it has to sparkle! When it comes to Christmas, I use to go for typical Christmas colors like silver, gold, red and dark green. Here are three looks that I would love to wear for Christmas!

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Edgy Ballerina Chic II How I met my outfit

Edgy Ballerina Chic

metallic purple pleated skirt & "heartbreaker" body
metallic purple pleated skirt & “heartbreaker” body


I’m not really into ballet. Purple is one of the colors I like least of all. I prefer my hair loose. But even so I love todays look. And that’s the reason why fashion is that fascinating – it surprises.

There was a time, when I was much more faster disliking a style of clothing, a trend or a specific garment. It’s different today. From time to time there are still trends I think „now way“, for example the infamous Buffalo Boots or the black plastic tattoo-necklaces, that seem to be coming in fashion again. But besides this, almost everything gets its chance.

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Today is the perfect day for a skater skirt! II How I met my outfit

Today is the perfect day for a skater skirt

Skater Skirt & Bodysuit
Skater Skirt, gestreifter Body, Jeansjacke & Pumps // skater skirt, bodysuit, denim jacket & heels


March is drawing to an end and slowly but surely we approach the Easter holidays. I’m not quite sure if it’s the sunny weather or the colourful easter decorations that you can see at almost every store right now, but I totally feel like dressing myself brightly coloured. Why don’t we leave painting Easter eggs to the Easter bunny for now and deck ourselves with freshly spring colors. Because spring has arrived and it’s going to stay. So, take your brushes, get set, go!