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Shop The Off Shoulder Trend II How I met my outfit

Shop The Off Shoulder Trend

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Trend-Shopping: off shoulder! Wether shirts or dresses – off shoulder pieces have been THE summer 2015 trend. But although summer slowly is coming to an end, you don’t need to hide your off shoulder pieces soon. It’s pretty easy to team them with skinny jeans and booties for fall. And if you also like to give fall the cold shoulder, here are my current favorite off shoulder pieces.

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That's why I have been so excited for summer to come! II How I met my outfit

That’s why I have been so excited for summer to come.


Each and every year I can’t wait for summer to come! But when summer’s finally there, I wonder why I have been so excited. It’s the first hot summer day. I’m lying on my bed, the sun is shining through the windows. I guess sun did that for a while, because it became super hot inside my flat. My good-morning-coffee makes me sweat even more. I need to take a shower. A cold one. What now? Blow-dry my hair. Bad idea – I could use another cold shower. But there’s no time for it. Make up. It’s way to hot for make up, but I think I can’t go without, so I just put on the essentials: mascara, powder and rouge. Until we’re leaving, I’m sitting with my bikini on my bed and think about what I’m going to wear. Outside it’s even more hot. I augur ill. Sure thing – my car is standing in the sun. I open the door and a heatwave rolls over me. I quickly open the windows and get out of the car again. Five minutes later it didn’t get better, but we’re going to hit the road. The steering wheel is unbelievably hot and I start to imagine how it would look like when it would melt. We arrive. We lay down our beach towels, I walk barefoot through the sand into the water. I can feel a small breeze.