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Review: Halloween Party 2014 II How I met my outfit

Review: Halloween Party 2014


Halloween. Each and every year I’m looking forward to this eerily beautiful day. Pumpkins, spider webs, fake blood… the spookier the better. But where does it come from that we love to get the creeps? On Halloween or when watching a scary movie we know that everything is fiction and nothing’s going to happen to us. And although we know we’re save, there is this one moment, we get sacred and for a second we’re unsure if the happening is real or fake. And so we love to place ourselves in these kind of situations, waiting with zest for the moment when the scare ebbs away. It’s scientifically proven that everybody loves to get the creeps – only the limits of the bearable vary. For me it can’t be creepy enough. Others need just little creeps to make their blood run cold. If the first picture is scary enough for you or you can’t see (fake) blood at all – you should stop reading right here.