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Esmara by Heidi Klum for Lidl | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Esmara by Heidi Klum for Lidl – New York Diary | Werbung

Kommenden Montag, am 18.09.2017 ist es endlich so weit – die Esmara by Heidi Klum for Lidl Kollektion wird endlich in den Lidl Filialen und im Lidl Onlineshop erhältlich sein! Bis zum 23.09.2017 könnt’ ihr dann exklusiv die New York inspirierten Kollektionsteile zu gewohnt niedrigen Lidl-Preisen ergattern. Also, save the date! Übrigens gehe ich davon aus, dass so einige Teile ziemlich schnell ausverkauft sein werden – schnell sein lohnt sich also vermutlich.

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MBFW Berlin - Hotel Indigo Berlin Ku'damm

MBFW Berlin – Hotel Indigo Berlin Ku’damm


Boutique Hotel Indigo Berlin Ku’damm – that’s where we spend the first two nights of our stay at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Before we went to Berlin, I searched for a special and central hotel in Berlin and with the Hotel Indigo Berlin Ku’damm I just found exactly what I was looking for: a modern furnished, central design hotel, where you can feel comfortable.

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Travel - Feels Like Home Apartment - MBFWB

Feels Like Home Apartment for MBFWB


After spending the first two nights of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin in this beautiful boutique hotel, we moved to this luxury apartment by Feels Like Home in Prenzlauer Berg on tuesday. Of course, we had a look at some pictures before we went there, but we kind of had no idea how beautiful this apartment really is. So, after receiving the keys, we happily jumped around for at least half an hour. 

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MBFW With Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty II How I me met my outfit II photos: Dana Lohmüller

MBFWB With Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty


For a while now I’m thinking about switching over to natural cosmetics (at least particularly). Because, after a week, where I put on more make-up than I usually do, I kind of have the feeling, that it’s not good for my skin. Of course, Fashion Week belongs to these kind of weeks – that’s why I was more than happy that I’ve got the chance to try several natural beauty products by Annemarie Börlind during Fashion Week. I guess most of you know Annemarie Börlind – but for more information about the german family company take a look here

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In love with... (faux) leather pants! by How I met my outfit

In love with… (Faux) Leather Pants


Welcome to 2015! And welcome to the Matrix! At least when we’re talking about the current leather trend! While leather pants have been more like the last try for years, they now have become the latest craze. And so they made it to an absolute must-have, like their older sisters, the leather jackets, did before. I already showed you my current favorite faux leather pants here, but the fashion industry has a lot more great leather pants to offer!

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BFW // Sparkling December Fotos: J.Schneider II How I met my outfit

BFW // Sparkling December

BFW // Sparkling December Fotos: J.Schneider


It’s time for Blogger Fashionweek No. 3. And which topic could be more seasonable than „Sparkling December“!? The christmas decoration sparkles, we sparkle, the snow sparkles. No, wait! There’s no snow! I did my research and found out that the chances for snow aren’t desperate, but vanishingly low. But Frank Sinatra and I are taking care and  are going to sing „Let it snow!“ every hour until wednesday. So, if it will (contrary to expectations) snow on wednesday, you know who you’ll have to thank!

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Blogger Fashionweek - Sweet November II How I met my outfit

Blogger Fashionweek // Sweet November


Last monday our Blogger Fashionweek started into a new round. This weeks topic: “Sweet November“! On monday Sarah and Mona from Belle Mélange showed you two sweet and dreamy fall looks and had some make-up tips for you. On tuesday Miriam from  Goldencherry showed us a casual fall look and a sugar-sweet recipe for caramel cupcakes. Tamina from fashionjudy had a beautiful pastel look and lots of great ideas for a DIY advent calendar for us on wednesday. If you’re still looking for the right beauty products for colder days, you should visit Laura from diamondsandcandyfloss. She also has a beautiful „Sweet November“ look for you! Yesterday Camilla from blondhairpinkheart showed us a cute and cozy fall look and her current favorite cozy sweaters. Tomorrow you should definitely check out the look by Vreeni from freakinyou

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FashionBloggerCafé Vol. VIII Berlin II How I met my outfit

FashionBloggerCafé Vol. VIII Berlin


MBFW. Friday, 11th July. Berlin Tempelhof. Pier 13. FashionBloggerCafé. Apparent air temperature: 30 °C. That’s how the past friday in Berlin started. The FashionBloggerCafé opened its doors at 12 am – we ran a little late and so we arrived at about 1 pm at the beautiful location Pier 13 that is located at the haven of Berlin Tempelhof. Although we needed to stand in queue first and I normally hate to stand in queue – it wasn’t annoying at all, because of the beautiful sunny weather. After accreditation was done we directly had a cold soft drink and strolled through the location. Kissyo offered its delicious frozen yogurt, Peugeot offered massages, DaWanda invited us to make cute maritime bracelets, the Jacks Beauty Departement Team was ready to get our make up refreshed, Samsung had these tiny sweet cupcakes, lolaandgrace gave us the chance to try their jewelry and and and.