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Longing for summer! II How I met my outfit

Longing for summer!


As soon as spring arrives, each and every year, I suddenly can’t wait for summer to come! And this funny button inside my head, that only knows two settings – winter and summer – switches. And because there effectively doesn’t exist fall or spring for me, me and my wardrobe behave as if it’s already summer. And so I start buying summer essentials in March, just to be over-punctual at the ready.

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Put on your red shoes! II How I met my outfit

Put on your red shoes!


I can’t help myself, but every time I see red shoes, I automatically have to think of The Wizard of Oz. Have you seen the movie? Do you remember Judy Garlands famous red shoes? There are some things we know from fairytales, that I would love to own – The Wishing Table, the Gold-Ass, the Cudgel in the Sack and first of all Dorothys red magic shoes. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie: To finally get back home after her long journey, Dorothy just needs to batter her heels while thinking „There’s no place like home.“. How cool would be shoes, that could take you home whenever you want – without walking, driving or flying!? And such shoes probably would be the only reason to never buy any other shoes again. And even though I know, I could vainly batter every single pair of red shoes that exist, I’ll keep on trying, because there’s one thing we learned from Dorothy:

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In love with... WOOL COATS II How I met my outfit

In love with… WOOL COATS


„In love with… CAPES“ and „In love with… OVERKNEES“ follows today „In love with… WOOL COATS“. There was a time in my life, I refused to wear coats and winter jackets. I decided to wear three sweaters underneath my summer jackets and freeze unmovable through winter. I really can’t tell why. But if that wouldn’t have been enough – I had the same „problem“ with boots once, maybe it has been at the same time. „Who’s this crazy girl wearing a denim jacket and ballerinas in winter?“ That was me. But luckily these days are over and I’m in love with coats and boots since years. At the top of my „although I already got one, I need to buy some more-list“ currently stands a wool coat.

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In love with... CAPES II How I met my outfit

In love with … CAPES


Today starts a new category on the blog: „In love with…“ Aren’t we all women that fall in love quickly? At least when it comes to fashion? And is it reprehensible that we take no stock in monogamy in this matter? How is it that we aren’t satisfied with one pair of black boots? Without seeing through rose-colored glasses my black boots almost look identical – I guess the differences just can be seen with an enamored heart. But even if we don’t believe in monogamy, don’t we believe in endless love? I pledged allegiance to my boots and also to my flared jeans. And currently I’m about to swear fidelity to my growing collection of capes. That’s why the post of „In love with…“ starts with „In love with… CAPES.“

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Today is the perfect day for a skater skirt! II How I met my outfit

Today is the perfect day for a skater skirt

Skater Skirt & Bodysuit
Skater Skirt, gestreifter Body, Jeansjacke & Pumps // skater skirt, bodysuit, denim jacket & heels


March is drawing to an end and slowly but surely we approach the Easter holidays. I’m not quite sure if it’s the sunny weather or the colourful easter decorations that you can see at almost every store right now, but I totally feel like dressing myself brightly coloured. Why don’t we leave painting Easter eggs to the Easter bunny for now and deck ourselves with freshly spring colors. Because spring has arrived and it’s going to stay. So, take your brushes, get set, go!