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Buffalo Spring / Summer Collection 2015 // How I met my outfit

Buffalo Spring / Summer Collection 2015


Just another reason for being excited for summer to come – the new Buffalo spring / summer 2015 collection has arrived! And I think it couldn’t be more versatile! Pastel, metallic, glitter, sneakers, wedges, heels – if there isn’t a fitting shoe for every situation then I don’t know. My first treasure are the Buffalo plateau wedges in 90ies style, I already showed you in the look „It’s time for neoprene, baby!“.

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BFW // Sparkling December Fotos: J.Schneider II How I met my outfit

BFW // Sparkling December

BFW // Sparkling December Fotos: J.Schneider


It’s time for Blogger Fashionweek No. 3. And which topic could be more seasonable than „Sparkling December“!? The christmas decoration sparkles, we sparkle, the snow sparkles. No, wait! There’s no snow! I did my research and found out that the chances for snow aren’t desperate, but vanishingly low. But Frank Sinatra and I are taking care and  are going to sing „Let it snow!“ every hour until wednesday. So, if it will (contrary to expectations) snow on wednesday, you know who you’ll have to thank!

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Jumpsuits for Christmas & New Year's Eve II How I met my outfit

Jumpsuits for Christmas & New Year’s Eve


1. black jumpsuit with fringes – Rare via Topshop (about 68 €)

2. red strapless jumpsuit – Love via Topshop (about 60 €)

3. sleveless black jumpsuit – Vero Moda via OTTO (about 55 €)

4. sleveless velvet jumpsuit – Topshop via Zalando (about 55 €)

5. jumpsuit with sequins – French Connection via Edited (about 265 €)

6. sleeveless beige jumpsuit – Love via Topshop (about 60 €)

7. black belted jumpsuit – Mango via Zalando (about 70 €)

8.  jumpsuit with sequins – Miss Selfridge via Zalando (about 85 €)

9. jumpsuit with lace and pearls – Lace & Beads via Edited (about 60 €)

10. dark blue velvet jumpsuit  – Topshop via Zalando (about 65 €)

11. jumpsuit with lace details – Oasis (about 75 €)

12. metallic wine red playsuit  – Oh My Love via Topshop (about 50 €)



Christmas 2014 – a week tomorrow it is already Christmas Eve. And my to-do-list gets bigger and bigger. Each and every year I again plan to do a lot of things and think „Well, Christmas is still far away.“, but then, one week before Christmas, I take a look at my to-do-list and have to ascertain that I only did one thing from the list (mostly the one, that was the easiest to do). So, there’s a lot to do for the next seven days. Starting with the last presents I need to buy and baking cookies (of course, not only one sort, but vanilla crescents, tiny nut wedges, cut-out cookies…) through to cleaning up and doing the laundry, because everything needs to be tidy for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And of course there’s this one crucial question: What the hell am I going to wear?

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Material Mix Girl & Special Guest

Material Mix Girl & Special Guest II Photos: Jochen Schneider


Bloggers don’t like each other. They just bitch about each other behind their backs. Bloggers only look for their own profit. And if it seems as if they would like each other, it has to be fake.

Good thing not everything that people say is true. I guess this prejudice may go for some bloggers, but I’m always stunned how nice and heartily the most bloggers are, when you get to know them. A blogger, I especially have taken to my heart, is Lisa from The L Fashion. So I guess it’s clear who’s the „special guest“ today – of course it’s Lisa! But at bottom, originally I’ve been the guest. Because Lisas boyfriend (and photographer) Jochen has been so sweet, that he didn’t only take some pictures of Lisa some days ago, but also some pictures of me.

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In love with... FESTIVE STYLES II How I met my outfit

In love with… FESTIVE STYLES

1. feather cape – Topshop (about 140 €)

2. pleated skirtTopshop (about 78 €)

3. body – Elisabetta Franchi via Zalando (about 160 €)

4. nail polish “Don’t Tell Mama” – Deborah Lippmann via KaDeWe (about 22,00 €)

5. bracelet – RIO via melovely (about 90,00 €)

6. eyeshadowsArtdeco (about 5,00 € each)

7. earrings – Sweet Deluxe via Valmano (about 20,00 €)

8. clutchASOS (about 26,00 €)

9. high heelsBuffalo (about 100 €)



Days are getting shorter, it’s getting cold outside, maybe you’ve caught the first cold and it’s only some days until the christmas markets open their doors. Somehow it feels like I’ve never been more excited for Christmas as this year. The christmas magic already got me and so I’m looking forward to the first glühwein, the first roasted almonds, to baking cookies and to the first snow. I’m looking forward to buying presents and wrapping it up lovely. I can’t wait for these cozy Christmas evening with my beloved ones. And of course I’m looking forward to festive styles. Each and every year, some weeks before Christmas, I start to think about what I could wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And one thing’s always definite: it has to sparkle! When it comes to Christmas, I use to go for typical Christmas colors like silver, gold, red and dark green. Here are three looks that I would love to wear for Christmas!

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Grey on Grey Chic II How I met my outfit

Grey on Grey Chic

grey on grey look with sequin skirt
grey on grey look with sequin skirt


Inspired by the grey weather, I decided to go for a grey on grey look last weekend. For a long tome now, grey is one of my absolute favorite colors when it comes to clothes. Some years ago it has been so bad, that I imposed myself a „grey-ban“. But it didn’t last long and my wardrobe still is full of grey clothes that you can combine easily. I kind of think grey is my black. At least when it comes to sweaters and cardigans. 

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Some shoes are made for sitting... II How I met my outfit

Some shoes are made for sitting…


Some shoes are made for sitting… „Aww, they fit, but I cannot walk. But they’re soooo beautiful – maybe I just put them into my wardrobe and have a look at them from time to time.“ said my friend Sarah when she tried on these shoes, I bought some time ago. I couldn’t walk wearing them as well, but they also were a little too big for me. If it just would have been the fact, that I can’t walk wearing them, I would have kept them. I know, it’s very logical. Shoes you can’t walk in anyways, at least have to fit to make you keep them. But they didn’t and so it was the perfect solution that these beautiful heels will be standing inside Sarahs wardrobe, because at least they fit her.