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This is summer.

This is summer.


„Dear brain, I know, it’s early in the morning and we only had one coffee by now. But, come on, we need to write this blogpost right now. So, what do you think, when you look at the pictures?”


„Yeeees, haha, soooo good! This day at the sea was just incredible. I can totally understand your joy, but we need some more sophisticated thoughts for this blogpost. So, go on!“


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I've got my leather pants on today! by How I met my outfit II photos by: Madame Rossi Fotografie

I’ve got my leather pants on today!

I've got my leather pants on today! by How I met my outfit II photos by: Cemal Sagnak


Day 14 in 2015. Coffee and chia pudding. I’m all set. A look at my to-do-list tells: there are just two things done out of more than twenty. And one of these two things is only done for the moment. Because, to be honest, „do the laundry“ disappears at least for 48 hours. I have no idea why it’s always like that, but if my hair from now on would grow as fast as my pile of washing does, I would turn into Rapunzel the day after tomorrow. And if I would be Rapunzel soon, I would be sitting in a tower and probably wouldn’t have any to-do-list (and any laundry problem either). But this idea causes a problem – where should I get a tower from that quickly? The only tower that comes to my mind is Colognes TV tower. And I guess I would have to pay a rack rent. I wonder if Rapunzel needed to pay a rent? Hopefully she had a Tangle Teezer to comb all of her hair. How high was her tower? I guess not as high as mine. Question is, if my prince will be able to save me. And do I really want to get rescued? It’s pretty cozy here with my OnePiece onesie. „Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!“ „Splat!“ it goes and my pile of (laundry) hair hits the ground. Luckily, I’m wearing a Papanga, so I don’t get flung out of the window. My prince is carefully prepared – after drinking a green smoothie, he easily climbs up to my window. Beaming with joy he opens his hip bag and presents me with joy (… drum roll …) my to-do-list! „You forgot it at home!“, he says.

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Comfy Grey Maxi Dress II How I met my outfit

Comfy Grey Maxi Dress

Happy about the summer comeback! <3 How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller
Happy about the summer comeback! <3


The last weeks haven’t been summerly at all. So I wished badly for a summer comeback. At least for one summerly day, with blue skies and warm sunshine. Without summer rain. Although the weather forecast didn’t sound promising, we decided spontaneously to spend some days at the North Sea in the Netherlands. If we won’t get our sunshine, we’ll get at least some beach and sea days. We arrived on Wednesday evening, when it already got dark. As soon as we got our things out of the car and made the beds, it started to rain and storm. And with this sizzling gas heater, we had to turn on, because it was really cold inside, it kind of felt like an untimely, but cozy fall evening. 

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That's why I have been so excited for summer to come! II How I met my outfit

That’s why I have been so excited for summer to come.


Each and every year I can’t wait for summer to come! But when summer’s finally there, I wonder why I have been so excited. It’s the first hot summer day. I’m lying on my bed, the sun is shining through the windows. I guess sun did that for a while, because it became super hot inside my flat. My good-morning-coffee makes me sweat even more. I need to take a shower. A cold one. What now? Blow-dry my hair. Bad idea – I could use another cold shower. But there’s no time for it. Make up. It’s way to hot for make up, but I think I can’t go without, so I just put on the essentials: mascara, powder and rouge. Until we’re leaving, I’m sitting with my bikini on my bed and think about what I’m going to wear. Outside it’s even more hot. I augur ill. Sure thing – my car is standing in the sun. I open the door and a heatwave rolls over me. I quickly open the windows and get out of the car again. Five minutes later it didn’t get better, but we’re going to hit the road. The steering wheel is unbelievably hot and I start to imagine how it would look like when it would melt. We arrive. We lay down our beach towels, I walk barefoot through the sand into the water. I can feel a small breeze.