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Double Denim meets 70ies II How I met my outfit

Double Denim meets 70ies


Do you think there is any other fabric that is cooler, more versatile and more timeless than denim!? I. Don’t. Think. So. And if it was up to me, everything would be said for today. But unfortunately it’s not up to me – oh, wait – this is my fashion blog, isn’t it!? So, it is up to my. Well, great, that’s it! Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! 

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Comfy Grey Maxi Dress II How I met my outfit

Comfy Grey Maxi Dress

Happy about the summer comeback! <3 How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller
Happy about the summer comeback! <3


The last weeks haven’t been summerly at all. So I wished badly for a summer comeback. At least for one summerly day, with blue skies and warm sunshine. Without summer rain. Although the weather forecast didn’t sound promising, we decided spontaneously to spend some days at the North Sea in the Netherlands. If we won’t get our sunshine, we’ll get at least some beach and sea days. We arrived on Wednesday evening, when it already got dark. As soon as we got our things out of the car and made the beds, it started to rain and storm. And with this sizzling gas heater, we had to turn on, because it was really cold inside, it kind of felt like an untimely, but cozy fall evening. 

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Black Denim Hippie II How I met my outfit

Black Denim Hippie


Did I already mention that I love denim? I love it in every shape and color. If there would be a ranking about my happiness about new clothes, probably my happiness about a new denim item would be ranked before my happiness about new shoes. And this one already is really great. You can imagine that I leaped for joy, when I found the black-grey skinny jeans and the black-grey denim jacket. It seems as if they were twins, got separated to grow up with two different labels. Reunion is done right now.