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New: Durex Intense Produktlinie | #OrgasmsForAll | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

New: Durex Intense Produktlinie | #OrgasmsForAll

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Wie ihr vielleicht schon in meinem letzten Blogpost gelesen oder auf Instagram mitbekommen habt, habe ich mich im Rahmen der neuen #OrgasmsForAll Kampagne von Durex in den letzten Wochen mit dem Thema Orgasmus-Ungerechtigkeit beschäftigt. Heute möchte ich euch die dazugehörigen Studienergebnisse präsentieren und euch die neue Durex Intense Produktlinie vorstellen.


Let’s talk about sex, baby! Within the framework of the new #OrgasmsForAll campaign by Durex, I talked a little about orgasm injustice here and on Instagram during the last weeks. Today I like to show you the results of the orgasm studies and introduce you to the new Durex Intense product range.

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In love with NAVYBOOT | 25th anniversary & Original Limited Edition | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

In love with… NAVYBOOT | 25th Anniversary & Limited Edition

( English / Deutsch )

Today I’ve got the second edition of my new blog series “In love with…” for you. And this time it’s all about the gorgeous shoe label NAVYBOOT that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For example, with some super cool limited editions of their “Navyboot Original” model. 

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Calvin Klein Is In Town #mycalvins

Calvin Klein Is In Town! #mycalvins


Calvin Klein is in Cologne! Of course, I’m not talking about Mr. Calvin Klein, but about the new Calvin Klein Jeans store that opened a couple of weeks ago in Cologne. (You can read more about the Calvin Klein Jeans store opening here.) Since then you can discover the new #mycalvins styles on 170 sqm at the modern and puristic Calvin Klein Jeans store in Cologne, as well. (There are some pictures of the store at the end of this post.)