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Valentine's Day Giveaway with design3000 - How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Valentine’s Day Giveaway with design3000

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Ihr Lieben, in ein paar Tagen ist schon wieder Valentinstag. Und zu diesem Anlass könnt’ ihr heute auf meinem Instagram Account @howimetmyoutfit ein super süßes Valentinstagspaket von design3000 gewinnen. Das ist aber noch nicht alles: mit dem Rabattcode “valentin20” bekommt’ ihr bis zum 14.02.2017 auch noch 20 % Rabatt auf das gesamte Sortiment bei design3000. <3


Sweethearts, it’s Valentine’s Day again in a couple of days. And that’s exactly why you can win a super cute Valentine’s Day package by design3000 on my Instagram account @howimetmyoutfit today. And by using the code “valentin20” you’ll receive 20% discount at design3000 (valid until 14.02.2017). <3

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#WeihnachtenistinDir - Sternstunden by OTTO I How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

#WeihnachtenistinDir – Sternstunden by OTTO


Weihnachten ist die Zeit der Liebe und der Besinnung. Wir kommen mit unseren Familien und Freunden zusammen, machen Geschenke und vergessen für einen Moment den Alltag. Es ist aber auch die Zeit der Nächstenliebe und Selbstlosigkeit, die Zeit, in der man ein mal mehr an diejenigen denkt, denen es vielleicht nicht so gut geht.

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The printed bohemian blouse II How I met my outfit

The printed bohemian blouse


I think I don’t have to tell again, that I’m totally in love with the current Hippie / Bohemian trend. But it doesn’t have to be „hippie“ from head to toe all the time – sometimes it’s enough to add a key piece to give some bohemian vibe to the look. Am I talking about my new skinny jeans? Of course not. I’m talking about my new printed blouse. Love at first sight.

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New in: Sacha Shoes & Lindt Chocolate II How I met my outfit

New in: Sacha Shoes & Lindt Chocolate


Shoes and chocolate. Do you think it’s only a cliche, that women especially love these two things? When I asked my friend Lena some days ago, if she likes me to bring along some chocolate from the industrial selling of Lindt, she answered: „No, thanks, I’m more like the chips type.“ Lack of understanding. Huh? No chocolate? I can’t believe it. But as we all know, exceptions prove the rule. And so everyone else that I asked, if I should bring along chocolate, responded with euphoric „Yeeees!“ messages. When it comes to shoes, I guess it’s more obvious. Or how would you explain the many „This pair, or this pair?“ shoe-shopping-pictures I receive from my friends monthly? And who would have thought: leader of shoe-shopping-pictures is Chips-Lena! Although we’ve taken to refuse confirming cliches, I have to admit: I’m in love with shoes and chocolate! Badly!

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Buffalo Blogger Event in Cologne II How I met my outfit

Buffalo Blogger Event in Cologne


The fabulous Coco Chanels once said: „A woman with good shoes is never ugly.“ Legendary Dolly Parton told us: „When I feel a little low, I put on my favorite high heels to stand a little taller.“ Victoria Beckham „can’t concentrate in flats“ and Marilyn Monroe once said: „Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.“ Women talk about shoes for hundreds of years and I guess there’s no other piece of clothing that seems to be more magical and fascinating. And so you can imagine that I was exceptionally happy about the invitation to the Buffalo Blogger Event in Cologne.

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That's why I have been so excited for summer to come! II How I met my outfit

That’s why I have been so excited for summer to come.


Each and every year I can’t wait for summer to come! But when summer’s finally there, I wonder why I have been so excited. It’s the first hot summer day. I’m lying on my bed, the sun is shining through the windows. I guess sun did that for a while, because it became super hot inside my flat. My good-morning-coffee makes me sweat even more. I need to take a shower. A cold one. What now? Blow-dry my hair. Bad idea – I could use another cold shower. But there’s no time for it. Make up. It’s way to hot for make up, but I think I can’t go without, so I just put on the essentials: mascara, powder and rouge. Until we’re leaving, I’m sitting with my bikini on my bed and think about what I’m going to wear. Outside it’s even more hot. I augur ill. Sure thing – my car is standing in the sun. I open the door and a heatwave rolls over me. I quickly open the windows and get out of the car again. Five minutes later it didn’t get better, but we’re going to hit the road. The steering wheel is unbelievably hot and I start to imagine how it would look like when it would melt. We arrive. We lay down our beach towels, I walk barefoot through the sand into the water. I can feel a small breeze.