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I've got my leather pants on today! by How I met my outfit II photos by: Madame Rossi Fotografie

I’ve got my leather pants on today!

I've got my leather pants on today! by How I met my outfit II photos by: Cemal Sagnak


Day 14 in 2015. Coffee and chia pudding. I’m all set. A look at my to-do-list tells: there are just two things done out of more than twenty. And one of these two things is only done for the moment. Because, to be honest, „do the laundry“ disappears at least for 48 hours. I have no idea why it’s always like that, but if my hair from now on would grow as fast as my pile of washing does, I would turn into Rapunzel the day after tomorrow. And if I would be Rapunzel soon, I would be sitting in a tower and probably wouldn’t have any to-do-list (and any laundry problem either). But this idea causes a problem – where should I get a tower from that quickly? The only tower that comes to my mind is Colognes TV tower. And I guess I would have to pay a rack rent. I wonder if Rapunzel needed to pay a rent? Hopefully she had a Tangle Teezer to comb all of her hair. How high was her tower? I guess not as high as mine. Question is, if my prince will be able to save me. And do I really want to get rescued? It’s pretty cozy here with my OnePiece onesie. „Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!“ „Splat!“ it goes and my pile of (laundry) hair hits the ground. Luckily, I’m wearing a Papanga, so I don’t get flung out of the window. My prince is carefully prepared – after drinking a green smoothie, he easily climbs up to my window. Beaming with joy he opens his hip bag and presents me with joy (… drum roll …) my to-do-list! „You forgot it at home!“, he says.

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Childhood Sweets & #flashmob lipsticks II How I met my outfit

Childhood Sweets & #flashmob Lipsticks


Sweets. Every child loves sweets. The sweeter and the more colorful the better. When I was a child sweets truly were able to sweeten my day. And when I decided to eat sweets, I enjoyed and celebrated it – bubblegum wasn’t there to freshen your breath, chocolate bars weren’t made to snack on and if I needed a reason to eat popcorn, I didn’t had to turn on the television. Eating sweets was an activity by its own, like roller-skating and collecting ladybugs or Panini sticker. And I remember it has been one of my favorite hobbies. 

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Edgy Ballerina Chic II How I met my outfit

Edgy Ballerina Chic

metallic purple pleated skirt & "heartbreaker" body
metallic purple pleated skirt & “heartbreaker” body


I’m not really into ballet. Purple is one of the colors I like least of all. I prefer my hair loose. But even so I love todays look. And that’s the reason why fashion is that fascinating – it surprises.

There was a time, when I was much more faster disliking a style of clothing, a trend or a specific garment. It’s different today. From time to time there are still trends I think „now way“, for example the infamous Buffalo Boots or the black plastic tattoo-necklaces, that seem to be coming in fashion again. But besides this, almost everything gets its chance.

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The Cat Print Shirt II How I met my outfit

The Cat Print Shirt


Did you notice that you kind of have to choose between cats and dogs? Either you like dogs or you like cats. Probably, you can’t like both. And according to wether you decide to like cats or dogs, you’ll judged. I truly heard the question „What about you? Do you prefer cats or dogs?“ quite often. But I don’t like to choose. I like both. Cats and Dogs. I don’t find cats boring and dogs stupid. Why do I have to choose only one? I don’t have to choose if Iike mice or hamsters as well. Do you remember cat dog? Seems as if there was another one who couldn’t decide…