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7 Days - 7 Red Lipsticks - die besten roten Lippenstifte II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

7 Days – 7 Red Lipsticks

( English / Deutsch )

I’m so excited to finally show you the very first edition of my new beauty-series, called “7 Days, 7 …”. In each edition of this new beauty series, I’m going to show you my 7 favorites from different categories. Today, we’re starting with the 7 best red lipsticks! For the following weeks I’ve already got the 7 best black mascaras, the 7 best black eyeliners and the 7 best concealers for you and after that a lot of other interesting categories and products, such as highlighters and fake lashes will follow. So, stay tuned! <3

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Childhood Sweets & #flashmob lipsticks II How I met my outfit

Childhood Sweets & #flashmob Lipsticks


Sweets. Every child loves sweets. The sweeter and the more colorful the better. When I was a child sweets truly were able to sweeten my day. And when I decided to eat sweets, I enjoyed and celebrated it – bubblegum wasn’t there to freshen your breath, chocolate bars weren’t made to snack on and if I needed a reason to eat popcorn, I didn’t had to turn on the television. Eating sweets was an activity by its own, like roller-skating and collecting ladybugs or Panini sticker. And I remember it has been one of my favorite hobbies.