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Valentine's Day Giveaway with design3000 - How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Valentine’s Day Giveaway with design3000

( Deutsch / English )

Ihr Lieben, in ein paar Tagen ist schon wieder Valentinstag. Und zu diesem Anlass könnt’ ihr heute auf meinem Instagram Account @howimetmyoutfit ein super süßes Valentinstagspaket von design3000 gewinnen. Das ist aber noch nicht alles: mit dem Rabattcode “valentin20” bekommt’ ihr bis zum 14.02.2017 auch noch 20 % Rabatt auf das gesamte Sortiment bei design3000. <3


Sweethearts, it’s Valentine’s Day again in a couple of days. And that’s exactly why you can win a super cute Valentine’s Day package by design3000 on my Instagram account @howimetmyoutfit today. And by using the code “valentin20” you’ll receive 20% discount at design3000 (valid until 14.02.2017). <3

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In love with... Lilienthal Berlin I Watches I How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

In love with… Lilienthal Berlin | Watches

( English / Deutsch )

Looking for a new and stylish trend watch? Well, I think I’ve got the perfect one for you then: the brand-new unisex watches by young german label Lilienthal Berlin. Stylish, timeless and urban – that’s the new trend watch straight from the heart of our capitol city Berlin.

Giveaway!! And if you head over to Instagram @howimetmyoutfit, you can chance your luck and win one of the limited Lilienthal Berlin L1 watches now. <3

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Crochet & Pinko I MBFW Berlin

Crochet & Flat Overknees I MBFW Berlin

( English / Deutsch )

My dear ones, today I’ve got another MBFW Berlin look for you. Prior to fashion week, I’ve been a lucky girl and was allowed to pick up my favorite pieces from the spring / summer collections of two of my favorite brands – Pinko and Navyboot. This black & white look, that I wore for the after show party by Marina Hoermanseder, is one of the looks I created with the new styles.

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Moschino Ready To Bear - MBFWB V

Moschino Ready To Bear & Jumpsuit – MBFWB V

(English / Deutsch)

Finally here it is: the fifth look from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I already showed you an elegant look, a trendy one, a casual one and a typical „street style“. And this time the look is cool, but also a little edgy. To me, jumpsuits mostly look very cool and stylish and if you know the items by Moschino you know that they’re very edgy and special.

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Berlin (Blogger) Fashion Week II How I met my outfit

Berlin (Blogger) Fashion Week

Berlin (Blogger) Fashion Week II How I met my outfit


Even if you didn’t make it to Berlin this week, didn’t sit in the front row and didn’t freeze five days at a time well dressed through winter, it probably has been no problem at all, to stay up to date about what’s going on in Berlin (Thanks to Instagram!). Yes, maybe I’m a little bit jealous, cause’ I haven’t found the time, to go to Berlin, but it also has been really nice, to sit at home, no-make up, just sweatpants and spy out what’s going on in Berlin. And there was a lot going on!

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How I met my outfit - The big furry Yeti coat

The big furry Yeti coat

How I met my outfit - The big furry Yeti coat


#storyofmylife: Lately at H&M: It was clear from the outset that I wouldn’t stick to my intention to only buy a new bag and be home again in about one hour. The question is, why we are making these kind of plans again and again, when it never comes off. Maybe we try to give destiny a leg up!? Because honestly, the best buys happen, when we little liars vow to ourselves to quickly get into the city to only buy a specific garment. I have no idea, why it’s always like that, but when it works, I’m fine with it.

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Jumpsuits for Christmas & New Year's Eve II How I met my outfit

Jumpsuits for Christmas & New Year’s Eve


1. black jumpsuit with fringes – Rare via Topshop (about 68 €)

2. red strapless jumpsuit – Love via Topshop (about 60 €)

3. sleveless black jumpsuit – Vero Moda via OTTO (about 55 €)

4. sleveless velvet jumpsuit – Topshop via Zalando (about 55 €)

5. jumpsuit with sequins – French Connection via Edited (about 265 €)

6. sleeveless beige jumpsuit – Love via Topshop (about 60 €)

7. black belted jumpsuit – Mango via Zalando (about 70 €)

8.  jumpsuit with sequins – Miss Selfridge via Zalando (about 85 €)

9. jumpsuit with lace and pearls – Lace & Beads via Edited (about 60 €)

10. dark blue velvet jumpsuit  – Topshop via Zalando (about 65 €)

11. jumpsuit with lace details – Oasis (about 75 €)

12. metallic wine red playsuit  – Oh My Love via Topshop (about 50 €)



Christmas 2014 – a week tomorrow it is already Christmas Eve. And my to-do-list gets bigger and bigger. Each and every year I again plan to do a lot of things and think „Well, Christmas is still far away.“, but then, one week before Christmas, I take a look at my to-do-list and have to ascertain that I only did one thing from the list (mostly the one, that was the easiest to do). So, there’s a lot to do for the next seven days. Starting with the last presents I need to buy and baking cookies (of course, not only one sort, but vanilla crescents, tiny nut wedges, cut-out cookies…) through to cleaning up and doing the laundry, because everything needs to be tidy for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And of course there’s this one crucial question: What the hell am I going to wear?

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Blogger Fashionweek - Sweet November II How I met my outfit

Blogger Fashionweek // Sweet November


Last monday our Blogger Fashionweek started into a new round. This weeks topic: “Sweet November“! On monday Sarah and Mona from Belle Mélange showed you two sweet and dreamy fall looks and had some make-up tips for you. On tuesday Miriam from  Goldencherry showed us a casual fall look and a sugar-sweet recipe for caramel cupcakes. Tamina from fashionjudy had a beautiful pastel look and lots of great ideas for a DIY advent calendar for us on wednesday. If you’re still looking for the right beauty products for colder days, you should visit Laura from diamondsandcandyfloss. She also has a beautiful „Sweet November“ look for you! Yesterday Camilla from blondhairpinkheart showed us a cute and cozy fall look and her current favorite cozy sweaters. Tomorrow you should definitely check out the look by Vreeni from freakinyou

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beliya GOOD COUTURE - Bloggers4Charity (+GIVEAWAY) II How I met my outfit

beliya GOOD COUTURE – Bloggers4Charity (+ GIVEAWAY)

*UPDATE 2*: Alle Gewinner wurden per E-mail benachrichtigt! <3

*UPDATE*: Die Schlüsselanhänger, die Ihr noch bis zum 31.08. gewinnen könnt sind heute bei mir eingetroffen und noch hübscher, als auf den Bildern. Allerdings sind sie braun / cognac und nicht rosa / pink!!  

Hallo ihr Lieben,

Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz, Charity. Das alles geht im Alltag oft an uns vorbei und ich schließe mich da nicht aus. Aber umso mehr freue ich mich, wenn ich zufällig auf ein Label stoße, welches sich eben diese Dinge zu Herzen nimmt und sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, nicht nur hübsche, sondern auch nachhaltige Mode zu produzieren. Vor ein paar Tagen erreichte mich eine Einladung zu einem Bloggercontest – das Charity Taschenlabel beliya ruft im Rahmen ihrer Kampagne GOOD COUTURE zusammen mit Ihren Partnern, den Onlineshops aboutyou.de und myClassico.com und der Grazia und der Gala, Blogger dazu auf, ein Outfit zu ihrem neuen Charity-Taschenmodell „BELIEVE“ zusammenzustellen. Generell bin ich großer Fan von kreativen Wettbewerben, aber ich bin auch meistens erst mal skeptisch und nehme die Labels vorab genau unter die Lupe.

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Lazy Sunday: A letter comes from the heart. II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: A letter comes from the heart.


My Dearest,

All that we can find inside our letterboxes nowadays are invoices and advertising. If we’re standing in front of our letterboxes and delight in something we found in there, it’s probably a notice that order has been left with a neighbor. But we don’t really expect something different to be inside. For about ten years, I haven’t opened my letter box expecting a letter from one of my beloved ones to be inside. But a letter is so much more lovely and personal, than every single nice e-mail or What’s App message.

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Lazy sunday: easter picnic II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Easter picnic


I’ll keep it short today: I wish you all a happy Easter! Enjoy the sunny holidays and have a nice time with your families. Don’t forget to eat a lot of treats.

Back in the days I was a child, the one thing I loved most about Eastern has been the Easter egg hunt. Someone somehow decided that you have to quit doing it when you grow up. That’s a real shame! Some days ago I dyed some Easter eggs and accidently almost every single one got the camouflage look. Actually not pretty, but they would have been perfect to hide in the backyard. Maybe I can convince Bene of hiding Easter eggs next year. In that case I would buy brown eggs and mix all colors again.