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Beauty Gift Guide with Douglas | Geschenke Klassiker | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller - zoeva Pinselset

Beauty Gift Guide with Douglas | Geschenke Klassiker

( Deutsch / English )

Die Zeit vergeht mal wieder wie im Flug und so ist schon kommenden Sonntag der 1. Advent… Jedes Jahr nehme ich mir vor, spätestens Anfang Dezember alle Weihnachtsgeschenke besorgt zu haben, aber jedes Jahr hetze ich dann doch noch am 23. Dezember in die Stadt, weil ich es mal wieder nicht früher geschafft habe. Aber ich bin auch dieses Jahr wieder zuversichtlich, dass es vielleicht endlich mal etwas früher klappt. Und um euch frühzeitig ein bisschen Geschenke Inspiration zu liefern, habe ich in Kooperation mit Douglas meine Top 10 Beauty Geschenke Klassiker für Sie und Ihn ausgesucht. Vielleicht ist ja genau das perfekte Geschenk für eure Liebsten dabei!? <3

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MAC Vibe Tribe Limited Edition Summer 2016 I How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

MAC Vibe Tribe Collection – Limited Edition Summer 2016

( English / Deutsch )

Today it’s all about the new MAC Vibe Tribe Limited Edition that’s available since 2nd May, 2016 exclusively for eight weeks in all MAC stores and online at www.maccosmetics.de! The MAC Vibe Tribe LE is much influenced by the festival season and comes in beautiful bright ethno design. <3

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My Daily Skincare Routine With Babor II How I met my outfit

My Daily Skincare Routine With Babor


Heute gibt es zur Abwechslung mal wieder einen Beauty Post. Um genauer zu sein, zeige ich euch heute meine Gesichtspflege Routine. In den letzten Monaten durfte ich viele Babor Produkte testen und dabei habe ich schnell einige Favoriten gefunden, die ich seitdem täglich benutze und die ich absolut weiterempfehlen kann. Kurz vorweg: Mit dem Code DANA2015 bekommt ihr noch bis Jahresende 15 % Rabatt auf das gesamte Babor Sortiment.

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MBFW With Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty II How I me met my outfit II photos: Dana Lohmüller

MBFWB With Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty


For a while now I’m thinking about switching over to natural cosmetics (at least particularly). Because, after a week, where I put on more make-up than I usually do, I kind of have the feeling, that it’s not good for my skin. Of course, Fashion Week belongs to these kind of weeks – that’s why I was more than happy that I’ve got the chance to try several natural beauty products by Annemarie Börlind during Fashion Week. I guess most of you know Annemarie Börlind – but for more information about the german family company take a look here

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Review: Halloween Party 2014 II How I met my outfit

Review: Halloween Party 2014


Halloween. Each and every year I’m looking forward to this eerily beautiful day. Pumpkins, spider webs, fake blood… the spookier the better. But where does it come from that we love to get the creeps? On Halloween or when watching a scary movie we know that everything is fiction and nothing’s going to happen to us. And although we know we’re save, there is this one moment, we get sacred and for a second we’re unsure if the happening is real or fake. And so we love to place ourselves in these kind of situations, waiting with zest for the moment when the scare ebbs away. It’s scientifically proven that everybody loves to get the creeps – only the limits of the bearable vary. For me it can’t be creepy enough. Others need just little creeps to make their blood run cold. If the first picture is scary enough for you or you can’t see (fake) blood at all – you should stop reading right here.

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Childhood Sweets & #flashmob lipsticks II How I met my outfit

Childhood Sweets & #flashmob Lipsticks


Sweets. Every child loves sweets. The sweeter and the more colorful the better. When I was a child sweets truly were able to sweeten my day. And when I decided to eat sweets, I enjoyed and celebrated it – bubblegum wasn’t there to freshen your breath, chocolate bars weren’t made to snack on and if I needed a reason to eat popcorn, I didn’t had to turn on the television. Eating sweets was an activity by its own, like roller-skating and collecting ladybugs or Panini sticker. And I remember it has been one of my favorite hobbies. 

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Lazy Sunday: Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Kit II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Kit


„Today I don’t feel like doing anything… I just wanna lay in my bed.“ Bruno Mars couldn’t describe any better what’s on my mind almost each and every single sunday. I love sundays and I especially love to be lazy and to do just what I like to do on sundays. Mostly that means for a start: sleep late! And when I’ve got the time to stay in my pajamas and sit in the kitchen to drink a coffee, a perfect „Lazy Sunday“ start is done. What follows depends on the weather. If it’s not that sunny outside I love to lay on my bed, to some online-shopping, eat sweets, read magazines, play playstation and so on. “Girl-things” won’t miss out, as well. I love to try some new beauty products and calmly polish my nails (and also take my time to let it dry properly). Sometimes I also try some new hair ideas, even though I know it will never succeed as good as in this first trial again. On beautiful, sunny sundays I can’t stay at home all day, so I meet friends to hang out, eat ice-cream, relax in the sun and chat. But my outfits stay in the motto of my „Lazy Sunday“ and so I stroll through Cologne wearing my favorite cosy clothes.