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Moschino Ready To Bear - MBFWB V

Moschino Ready To Bear & Jumpsuit – MBFWB V

(English / Deutsch)

Finally here it is: the fifth look from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I already showed you an elegant look, a trendy one, a casual one and a typical „street style“. And this time the look is cool, but also a little edgy. To me, jumpsuits mostly look very cool and stylish and if you know the items by Moschino you know that they’re very edgy and special.

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Longing for summer! II How I met my outfit

Longing for summer!


As soon as spring arrives, each and every year, I suddenly can’t wait for summer to come! And this funny button inside my head, that only knows two settings – winter and summer – switches. And because there effectively doesn’t exist fall or spring for me, me and my wardrobe behave as if it’s already summer. And so I start buying summer essentials in March, just to be over-punctual at the ready.

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Christmas Gift Ideas Up to 100 € for Him and Her II How I met my outfit

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her 5 € – 250 €


Each and every year there’s one thing that for sure at least starts with the 1st of December: the present-hunt! Crowds of people flock into the cities, online shopper tap their fingers to the bone – everybody is searching for Christmas gifts. (With the exception of a small group that proudly proclaims: „I’ve already got every single gift! Since month!“) A lot of people are searching patiently for the perfect christmas gifts and others just want to get the gift hunt over and done as quickly as possible.