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Day 22 | 5 x Limited Edition Sets - Christian Lacroix x Evian | Blogger Adventskalender 2016 | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Day 22 | 5 x Limited Edition Sets – Christian Lacroix x evian

( Deutsch / English )

Hinter dem heutigen Adventskalender Türchen verstecken sich gleich 5 Limited Edition Sets von evian. Die Sets bestehen aus jeweils zwei Flaschen (1 x blau und 1 x rosa) aus der Christian Lacroix x evian Limited Edition. <3


Today you can win one of five limited edition sets by evian. The sets contain of two bottles (1 x blue and 1 x pink) of the limited Christian Lacroix x evian edition. <3

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MAC Vibe Tribe Limited Edition Summer 2016 I How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

MAC Vibe Tribe Collection – Limited Edition Summer 2016

( English / Deutsch )

Today it’s all about the new MAC Vibe Tribe Limited Edition that’s available since 2nd May, 2016 exclusively for eight weeks in all MAC stores and online at www.maccosmetics.de! The MAC Vibe Tribe LE is much influenced by the festival season and comes in beautiful bright ethno design. <3

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Blogger Adventskalender 2015 II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller II photos: Bene Napolowski II Designer Wolldecke von Tanja Ratzer via Stilherz

Adventskalender # 7: Designer Wolldecke von Stilherz im Wert von 120 €


Ich hoffe ihr hattet gestern alle einen tollen Nikolaus Tag und einen schönen 2. Advent!? Heute geht es direkt mit Türchen Nr. 7 weiter und ihr könnt diese wunderschöne Designer Wolldecke “Twist a Twill” von Tina Ratzer aus dem Stilherz Onlineshop im Wert von 120 € gewinnen. 

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Flared Hippie Pants - The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Flared Hippie Pants – The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants


Each and every summer, there are countless palazzo pants inside the stores. Floral prints,   airy fabrics and loose patterns – the perfect pants for summer days, on vacation and at home. (Preferably on vacation, of course.) But palazzo pants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people find them too playful or too shapeless. Some have the feeling to „go down“ in palazzo pants and others think palazzo pants appear bulky. So, whoever only dislikes the shape of palazzo pants, may fall in love with the new trend pants: flared hippie pants.

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The printed bohemian blouse II How I met my outfit

The printed bohemian blouse


I think I don’t have to tell again, that I’m totally in love with the current Hippie / Bohemian trend. But it doesn’t have to be „hippie“ from head to toe all the time – sometimes it’s enough to add a key piece to give some bohemian vibe to the look. Am I talking about my new skinny jeans? Of course not. I’m talking about my new printed blouse. Love at first sight.

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Concrete Jungle Look II How I met my outfit

Concrete Jungle


“…where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York Cologne.“ New York or Cologne – where’s the difference? Ok, although I’m badly in love with Cologne, I must confess that there might be a little difference between these two cities. Aside from the fact that Cologne (of course) is much more beautiful, New York may be a little more lively. But during the next days the gap is going to decrease. Why? Because it’s Cologne carnival! And that means streets will be crowded and there will be almost nothing you can’t do, or become – just like in New York!

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Black & White II How I met my outfit

Black & White (like a panda)

Black & White


Short story: „Why Black & White is always right!“ Giant pandas show us how to do and we copy it. When I think about looks that you can’t go wrong with, there are exactly three combinations that come to my mind: 1. the classical #allblackeverything look, 2. blue jeans and white shirts and 3. black & white looks.  But why? I think it’s because black and white virtually suit everybody. Maybe the giant panda better than the cow, but nobody really looks weird when wearing black and white. At least I have never ever thought: „Oh dear, I’m so sorry, but black isn’t your color!“

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Leopard Prints & Jungle Drums

Leopard Print & Jungle Drums


„My heart is beating like a jungle drum.“ There are so many different pattern – checked, striped, dotted, floral pattern, snake pattern, tiger pattern… But none of them divides the minds the way the leopard pattern does. And none of them makes so many women hearts leap for joy. Either you love it or you hate it. There’s nothing in between. But there’s a fine line between top and flop.

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Hippie Chic Maxi Dress II How I met my outfit

Hippie Chic Maxi Dresses

Hippie Chic Maxi Dresses Maxikleid, Flip Flops & Stirnband // maxi dress, flip flops & headband
Maxikleid, Flip Flops & Stirnband // maxi dress, flip flops & headband


Maxi dresses – an essential piece of clothing. Since years. And I’m so happy maxi dresses stay in trend. You can buy them for almost every occasion – for festivities, for a shopping trip or for a day on the beach. This weekend the weather means well for us – it’s unbelievably sunny and wonderful warm in Cologne. And if there’s something I love aside from these sunny days, it’s the mild summer evenings. But not only because of the pleasant temperatures and the golden sunset light, but also because of the wanton mood you can feel almost everywhere. You can see people are more happy, pleased and relaxed. It’s the same for me and these are the kind of evenings I love to wear maxi dresses that look light and casual. 

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Must-Have: Flower Garlands and Flower Prints II How I met my outfit

Must-Have: Flower Hair Garlands & Flower Prints



Even if the sun is hiding again these days, the sun keeps shining in our hearts and wardrobes. An absolute must-have for this summer are flower hair garlands. You can buy them in almost every shape, color and size. I collected my current favorites for you here – I especially love the one with the strawberries, but unfortunately it’s also the most expensive one, but, hey, we’re used to it, aren’t we? Honestly, you need to brave to wear these headpieces – so you can first practice with hair clips and hair barrettes. 

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Geo Tribal Balzer & Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Geo-Tribal Blazer & Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Boyfriend Blazer mit Geo-Tribal Muster & Ankle Boots von Jeffrey Campbell // geo-tribal boyfriend blazer & Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots
Boyfriend Blazer mit Geo-Tribal Muster & Ankle Boots von Jeffrey Campbell // geo-tribal boyfriend blazer & Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots


I’m not sure why, but this look reminds me of New York. Not that I have been there before (Damn!), but I think it has the „big-city-look“. Did you watch „Sex & the City“? I could well imagine Miranda wearing this one.