MBFW With Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty II How I me met my outfit II photos: Dana Lohmüller

MBFWB With Annemarie Börlind Natural Beauty

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(ENGLISH / DEUTSCH) For a while now I’m thinking about switching over to natural cosmetics (at least particularly). Because, after a week, where I put on more make-up than I usually do, I kind of have the feeling, that it’s not good for my skin. Of course, Fashion Week belongs to these kind of weeks - that’s why I was more than happy that I've got[...]

Review: Sleep Tea by Your Tea

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It’s been four weeks now since I started to drink the Sleep Tea by Your Tea* and since I’m finished today, it’s time for a big review. About the Sleep Tea The Sleep Tea by Your Tea is a mood tea that helps with anxiety and stress by having a calming and relaxing effect. It contains Malt, Lily, Ju Jubel, Lotus, Liquorice Root, Lavender, Chinese Re[...]