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Blogger Adventskalender 2015 II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller II photos: Impressionen Online Shop II Impressionen Versand Yoga Matte + Tasche

Adventskalender #10: Yoga Matte + Tasche via Impressionen Versand


Ich hoffe, ihr hattet bisher alle eine tolle Woche!? Heute öffnet sich schon Adventskalender Türchen 10 und dahinter versteckt sich etwas für die sportlichen unter euch: eine DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen Yoga Matte + Tasche aus dem Impressionen Versand Onlineshop im Wert von 119,00 €! <3  Damit müssen wir unsere Yoga Matte also nie wieder unter den Arm klemmen. 🙂

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True Religion - True Leather Pants Love II How I met my outfit

True Religion – True Leather Pants Love


Today I’ll finally show you the look, that I was wearing for the True Religion Be So Bold Tour Event in Düsseldorf at Jades. (Read everything about the cool and fancy event here.) First I like to say: I truly looooove this look, because I’m wearing the most beautiful and best fitting leather pants by True Religion. But let’s start from the scratch:

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Flared Hippie Pants - The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Flared Hippie Pants – The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants


Each and every summer, there are countless palazzo pants inside the stores. Floral prints,   airy fabrics and loose patterns – the perfect pants for summer days, on vacation and at home. (Preferably on vacation, of course.) But palazzo pants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people find them too playful or too shapeless. Some have the feeling to „go down“ in palazzo pants and others think palazzo pants appear bulky. So, whoever only dislikes the shape of palazzo pants, may fall in love with the new trend pants: flared hippie pants.

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The printed bohemian blouse II How I met my outfit

The printed bohemian blouse


I think I don’t have to tell again, that I’m totally in love with the current Hippie / Bohemian trend. But it doesn’t have to be „hippie“ from head to toe all the time – sometimes it’s enough to add a key piece to give some bohemian vibe to the look. Am I talking about my new skinny jeans? Of course not. I’m talking about my new printed blouse. Love at first sight.

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Weekly Flashback No. 3 II How I met my outfit

Weekly Flashback No. 3



As I already told you, I’ve been so slowly last Sunday, that I sat in front of my laptop for donkey’s years to finish the “Weekly Flashback No. 2“. So there wasn’t much time left for some other craziness and we just had a relaxed evening at the balcony. By the way, that’s currently my absolute favorite place to be.


After waking up in my sleeping bag at the balcony… I’m kidding. The last Monday totally threw me off the track. We went to Bonn to get some things done at university and the plan was to shoot a new look after that – but everything went completely different. (Good and exciting different.) Unfortunately, it’s a secret and I can’t tell you know, but I hope I can tell you soon. Rest of Monday was gaga and so we just had another evening at the balcony.


Tuesday began as weird as Monday did end up. But because coffee can tidy up everything, it became better at midday! But because I had been that gaga on Monday and wasn’t able to get things done, I had to get them done on Tuesday.

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Buffalo Spring / Summer Collection 2015 // How I met my outfit

Buffalo Spring / Summer Collection 2015


Just another reason for being excited for summer to come – the new Buffalo spring / summer 2015 collection has arrived! And I think it couldn’t be more versatile! Pastel, metallic, glitter, sneakers, wedges, heels – if there isn’t a fitting shoe for every situation then I don’t know. My first treasure are the Buffalo plateau wedges in 90ies style, I already showed you in the look „It’s time for neoprene, baby!“.

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Forever 21 Store Opening - Minto Mönchengladbach // How I met my outfit

Forever 21 Store Opening – Minto Mönchengladbach


“Ahhhh, Forever 21!! Where? Where? Where?“ two girls screaming with laughter at me while pointing on my shopping bags. That’s what happened when I arrived in Cologne yesterday afternoon. Depending on where you live, your reaction might look the same, when I’m going to tell you, where my Forever 21 shopping bags came from: Mönchengladbach! Yes, a new Forever 21 store opened at the Minto Arcaden in Mönchengladbach yesterday! And that’s either near to Berlin, nor near to Munich, but in the middle of North-Rhine-Westphalia. And when I answered “Mönchengladbach” to the girls, their screaming with laughter turned into jumps of joy.

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What's NEW in my bag? Compeed GIVEAWAY!

What’s NEW in my bag? Compeed GIVEAWAY!

*UPDATE, 06.April 2015* Die Gewinnerin des Compeed Giveaways ist Barbara! 🙂 Eine E-mail ist schon an Dich unterwegs! Viel Spaß mit Deinen neuen Compeed Survival Paket! <3 Und vielen Dank an alle anderen für euere Teilnahme! 


Mal ehrlich – gibt es ein nerviges Wehwehchen als Blasen an den Füßen? So sehr ich mich auf den Sommer und die „Barfuß-in-den-Schuhen-Saison“ freue, so sehr graut es  mir auch davor, all die neuen Pumps und Sandaletten einzulaufen, die ich so über den Winter angesammelt habe. Versteht mich nicht falsch – ich freue mich natürlich riesig, meine neuen Schätze endlich tragen zu können, aber wir alle mussten wohl schon mal erfahren, wie undankbar neue Schuhe zu unseren Füßen sein können. Umso glücklicher bin ich, euch heute meine neuen Retter in der Not vorstellen zu dürfen:  den Compeed Anti-Blasen Stick und die Compeed Blasenpflaster!

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Modern Safari II How I met my outfit

Modern Safari


Some weeks ago I wrote about my six favorite spring / summer 2015 trends – and while I was searching for pieces that match the „Modern Safari“ trend, my wide linen pants, that I bought more than a year ago and didn’t wear once, came to my mind. Luckily they survived the dreary year inside of my closet. Because normally, when it comes to separating out and selling my clothes, my first rule is: „When you didn’t wear it throughout a year, you’ll never wear it again.“