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The Casual - distressed jeans and white blouse II How I met my outfit

The Casual – Distressed Jeans & white Blouse

Casual Look - distressed jeans from Noisy May Lucy & white blouse from asos
Perfekt: Distressed Jeans, weiße Bluse und ein Coffee2go // perfect: distressed jeans, a white blouse and a coffee to go


Spring has finally arrived and I can’t tell how much I looked forward to wear just a jeans and a lightly shirt again at last. Get rid of the greatcoats and the warm boots. To me this outfit is the absolute casual-classic. I love jeans, especially distressed jeans, cause they always look pretty cool. That’s why I’m ok with the older generation asking me from time to time why I am wearing damaged jeans. That reminds me of a friend of mine gotten hit by an older person with a carrier bag some days ago, because her jeans were having a hole as well. First she was a little confused, but when he started to rail against her jeans she started to laugh about it. What does the story tell us? Beware of carrier bags when wearing distressed jeans.