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Blogger Adventskalender 2015 II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller II photos: Bene Napolowski II Madeleine Issing Schmuck Set im Wert von ca. 100 €

Adventskalender #15: Schmuck von Madeleine Issing


Ich hoffe, ihr hattet alle einen tollen Start in die neue Woche!? 🙂 Heute öffnet sich schön das 15. Adventskalender Türchen und diesmal könnt ihr ein tolles 5-teiliges Schmuck Set von Schmuckdesignerin Madeleine Issing im Wert von ca. 100 € gewinnen!! <3  Das von mir zusammengestellte “Armcandy” Schmuck Set besteht aus drei wunderschönen vergoldeten Armreifen und zwei Ringen. 

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Let's dress up for Christmas! II How I met my outfit

Let’s dress up for Christmas!

Let's dress up for Christmas! Photo by: Cemal Sagnak


When we start to put on our gloves and beanies, when there’s scent of glühwein and roasted almonds in the air and we secretly hope for snow, it becomes clear: Christmas is coming. The glühwein season has started, present searching begins and our homes are about to get decorated festively. But not only our home need to get decorated – as soon as my surrounding ablates with light, I feel like dressing myself up for Christmas!

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Lazy Sunday: Bedtime-Stories II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Bedtime Stories


„Once upon a time, very long ago…“ that’s how every phantastic fairy tale and every enchanting bedtime story starts. Remember the days, you had nothing else to do, but hide under your bedclothes wearing you favorite pajamas, close your eyes and listen to a wonderful story. Our bedtimes stories became others, but from time to time I dig out my storybook and with the greatest amazement I realize that some things may loose it’s magic when you grow up, but fairy tales will never belong to these things.

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At the Movies II How I met my outfit

At the Movies

At the Movies: asymmetrisches Kleid & Accessoires in Silber // asymmetric dress & silver accessories
asymmetrisches Kleid & Accessoires in Silber // asymmetric dress & silver accessories


When was the last time you went to the movies? I haven’t watched a movie in cinema for a very long time, although I just love everything about going to the movies. Popcorn or nachos? Both! I just can’t decide which one I want, so I always buy both. Normally I have no problem to share my food, but when it comes to cinema I do have. I want to eat everything all alone. But that doesn’t work when you have your hands full. Well, that means sharing after all (but unwillingly). At this point I really have to laugh about myself because it’s so weird. But that’s how it is – I’d share everything with you, except my popcorn and my nachos.