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Roadtrip with Havaianas | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Roadtrip with Havaianas + Video | Werbung

Roaaaaadtriiiiiip. <3 Vor ein paar Wochen hieß es für Lennart, Rene, Aline und mich: ab in den VW-Bus und auf zum Timmendorfer Strand. Havaianas hatte uns vier auf einen spannenden Roadtrip eingeladen, bei dem wir am Timmendorfer Strand und im Haubentaucher Berlin den Havaianas Spirit hautnah erleben durften – da stehen nämlich die erfrischenden Havaianas Duschen, die ihr nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern europaweit an den schönsten Stränden und in ausgewählten Locations findet. Weiter unten gibt’s übrigens auch ein Video von unserem Roadtrip!

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Parookaville x Deichmann x ganz viel Spaß | Werbung | How I met my Outfit by Dana Lohmüller | photos: Rauhut Photography

Parookaville x Deichmann x ganz viel Spaß | Werbung

In Zusammenarbeit mit Deichmann ging es dieses Jahr für Kira, Lina, Dani, Kim, Julia und mich zum Parookaville Festival auf dem Flughafengelände in Weeze. Das Parookaville ist ein Electronic Music Festival, das unter Kennern als „deutsches Tomorrowland“ bezeichnet wird und dieses Jahr zum dritten Mal stattfand. Als einer der Hauptsponsoren hatte Deichmann uns eingeladen, das Festival zu erleben und dabei die neue Festival-Schuh-Kollektion von Deichmann unter die Lupe zu nehmen.

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Casual Business with Jeans Fritz I How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller | photo: Oliver Güth

For a cooling on a hot day

“Ice Coffee – for a cooling on a hot day“ steht auf dem Statement-Shirt, das ich mir im Onlineshop von Jeans Fritz ausgesucht habe. Und ich kann es kaum erwarten, bis es endlich wieder soweit ist und auch das letzte Café in Köln Iced Coffee auf der Karte stehen hat…


“Ice Coffee – for a cooling on a hot day“ says the statement shirt I picked from the Jeans Fritz online store lately. And I really cannot wait for the time, when each and every café in Cologne finally offers iced coffee again…

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Let's get LOUD! | with C/meo & 2nd ONE II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Let’s get LOUD!

( English / Deutsch )

Let’s get LOUD! – not with Jennifer Lopez, but with one of my absolute favorite fashion agencies: LOUD! Agency from Cologne. <3 Never heard of LOUD! Agency? Then it’s about time! LOUD! doesn’t only represent a lot of cool brands, like C/MEO, Sol Sana, Don’t believe the hype and 2nd ONE, but also invites to Sample Sales several times a year, where you can shop exceptional pieces from their Cologne showroom. The next Sample Sale already takes places by tomorrow (Saturday, 11th June 2016) at Benesisstr. 8 – 12 in Cologne. So, save the daaaaaaate! <3

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In love with NAVYBOOT | 25th anniversary & Original Limited Edition | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

In love with… NAVYBOOT | 25th Anniversary & Limited Edition

( English / Deutsch )

Today I’ve got the second edition of my new blog series “In love with…” for you. And this time it’s all about the gorgeous shoe label NAVYBOOT that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For example, with some super cool limited editions of their “Navyboot Original” model. 

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Dirndl Trend & Oktoberfest 2015 Facts II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Dirndl Trends & Oktoberfest 2015 Facts

(Deutsch / English)

Das Oktoberfest 2015 rückt näher – vom 19. September bis 04. Oktober heisst es wieder „O’zapft is!“ und aus diesem Grund haben wir vor ein paar Tagen einen Dirndl Look mit einem wunderschönen pastellfarbenen Dirndl von Ludwig & Therese fotografiert. Und damit ihr für das Oktoberfest 2015 bestens vorbereitet seid, kommen hier nicht nur alle Facts Rund um das Oktoberfest, sondern auch noch einige Tipps und Tricks für den perfekten Wiesn Look.

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Flared Hippie Pants - The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Flared Hippie Pants – The Skinny Friends of Palazzo Pants


Each and every summer, there are countless palazzo pants inside the stores. Floral prints,   airy fabrics and loose patterns – the perfect pants for summer days, on vacation and at home. (Preferably on vacation, of course.) But palazzo pants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people find them too playful or too shapeless. Some have the feeling to „go down“ in palazzo pants and others think palazzo pants appear bulky. So, whoever only dislikes the shape of palazzo pants, may fall in love with the new trend pants: flared hippie pants.

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Double Denim meets 70ies II How I met my outfit

Double Denim meets 70ies


Do you think there is any other fabric that is cooler, more versatile and more timeless than denim!? I. Don’t. Think. So. And if it was up to me, everything would be said for today. But unfortunately it’s not up to me – oh, wait – this is my fashion blog, isn’t it!? So, it is up to my. Well, great, that’s it! Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! 

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Buffalo Spring / Summer Collection 2015 // How I met my outfit

Buffalo Spring / Summer Collection 2015


Just another reason for being excited for summer to come – the new Buffalo spring / summer 2015 collection has arrived! And I think it couldn’t be more versatile! Pastel, metallic, glitter, sneakers, wedges, heels – if there isn’t a fitting shoe for every situation then I don’t know. My first treasure are the Buffalo plateau wedges in 90ies style, I already showed you in the look „It’s time for neoprene, baby!“.

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Put on your red shoes! II How I met my outfit

Put on your red shoes!


I can’t help myself, but every time I see red shoes, I automatically have to think of The Wizard of Oz. Have you seen the movie? Do you remember Judy Garlands famous red shoes? There are some things we know from fairytales, that I would love to own – The Wishing Table, the Gold-Ass, the Cudgel in the Sack and first of all Dorothys red magic shoes. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie: To finally get back home after her long journey, Dorothy just needs to batter her heels while thinking „There’s no place like home.“. How cool would be shoes, that could take you home whenever you want – without walking, driving or flying!? And such shoes probably would be the only reason to never buy any other shoes again. And even though I know, I could vainly batter every single pair of red shoes that exist, I’ll keep on trying, because there’s one thing we learned from Dorothy: