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About Skinny Jeans & Ponchos II How I met my outfit

About Skinny Jeans and Ponchos

skinny jeans, ankle boots & long blazer
skinny jeans, ankle boots & long blazer


Do you remember the time when skinny jeans haven’t been even a little cool? And even straight leg jeans have been a no-go for a long time. There was no choice: Your jeans had to be flared. And the bigger the flare the better. I loved it. And I remember how confused I was a couple of years ago when the trend moved from flared jeans to skinny jeans. I refused to wear skinny jeans for month and kept looking for flared jeans. „I’m not going to wear these strange pants.“ But I reckoned without the fashion industry. No matter which jeans I was picking up from the table, skinny legs appeared. I gave up hope and bought straight leg jeans first. And it felt like they were so damn skinny. But this feeling changed quickly – my jeans got skinnier and skinnier and I started to like it more and more. And ever since jeggings appeared, jeans can’t be skinny enough.