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Reserved Store Opening Köln - How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Reserved Store Opening | Köln

Vielleicht habt ihr schon auf meinem Instagram Account mitbekommen, dass das trendige Label Reserved am 22. März seinen ersten Kölner Store auf der Schildergasse eröffnet hat. Neben ganz vielen tollen Styles, gab’ es zur Eröffnung auch noch jede Menge andere Highlights, die ich zusammen mit Palina von Palina Pralina und Lou von somegoodspirits unter die Lupe genommen habe.


Maybe you’ve already heard via Instagram, that the label Reserved opened its very first Cologne store about a week ago on Schildergasse. Besides a lot of cool styles, there have also been some really cool highlights due to the opening.

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Forever 21 Store Opening in Dortmund | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Forever 21 Store Opening in Dortmund

( English / Deutsch )

You may have the feeling that they spring up like mushrooms… During the last month already three Forever 21 stores opened their doors in NRW (Düsseldorf, Mönchengladbach and Bochum) and last Saturday Forever 21 celebrated the grand opening of their new store in Dortmund. So, from now on, you can shop all the Forever 21 pieces on three floors in the inner-city of Dortmund. And it’s definitely worth a visit: You’ll not only find the lastest trend pieces at Forever 21, but also an invincible value-for-money ratio.

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In love with NAVYBOOT | 25th anniversary & Original Limited Edition | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

In love with… NAVYBOOT | 25th Anniversary & Limited Edition

( English / Deutsch )

Today I’ve got the second edition of my new blog series “In love with…” for you. And this time it’s all about the gorgeous shoe label NAVYBOOT that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For example, with some super cool limited editions of their “Navyboot Original” model. 

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Forever 21 store opening Bochum II How I met my outfit II photos: Nils Krüger

Forever 21 Store Opening in Bochum – Impressions


Wie bereits angekündigt, haben wir uns letzten Samstag, den 19.09.2015 auf den Weg nach Bochum gemacht, um beim großen Forever 21 Store Opening Event dabei zu sein. Ab sofort könnt ihr also im Bochumer Ruhr Park auf mehr als 2.000 qm die neuesten Forever 21 Styles shoppen. Und eines sage ich vorweg: es lohnt sich!

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Parisian Chic X Impressionen

Parisian Chic X Impressionen

(English / Deutsch)

Todays look almost completely arose in collaboration with one of my favorite online shops – Impressionen. When I first saw the dress by Sienna at the Impressionen online store, I immediately thought of Paris. And when I think of Paris, I especially think of cute little cafés, coffee and cake. And so, this time, we decided to take the pictures at Café Fleur in Cologne.

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Calvin Klein Is In Town #mycalvins

Calvin Klein Is In Town! #mycalvins


Calvin Klein is in Cologne! Of course, I’m not talking about Mr. Calvin Klein, but about the new Calvin Klein Jeans store that opened a couple of weeks ago in Cologne. (You can read more about the Calvin Klein Jeans store opening here.) Since then you can discover the new #mycalvins styles on 170 sqm at the modern and puristic Calvin Klein Jeans store in Cologne, as well. (There are some pictures of the store at the end of this post.)

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Weekly Flashback No. 3 II How I met my outfit

Weekly Flashback No. 3



As I already told you, I’ve been so slowly last Sunday, that I sat in front of my laptop for donkey’s years to finish the “Weekly Flashback No. 2“. So there wasn’t much time left for some other craziness and we just had a relaxed evening at the balcony. By the way, that’s currently my absolute favorite place to be.


After waking up in my sleeping bag at the balcony… I’m kidding. The last Monday totally threw me off the track. We went to Bonn to get some things done at university and the plan was to shoot a new look after that – but everything went completely different. (Good and exciting different.) Unfortunately, it’s a secret and I can’t tell you know, but I hope I can tell you soon. Rest of Monday was gaga and so we just had another evening at the balcony.


Tuesday began as weird as Monday did end up. But because coffee can tidy up everything, it became better at midday! But because I had been that gaga on Monday and wasn’t able to get things done, I had to get them done on Tuesday.

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True Love: Denim Shorts

True Love: Denim Shorts


How fast things can change: until a couple of years ago, even wild horses couldn’t drag me to wear denim shorts. And today!? Today im truly in love with denim shorts. It’s another story, why it has been like that, but let me say it that way: some people think they’re too grossly and other think they’re too skinny. But nobody’s perfect and that’s why we should like us the way we are.

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Forever 21 Store Opening - Minto Mönchengladbach // How I met my outfit

Forever 21 Store Opening – Minto Mönchengladbach


“Ahhhh, Forever 21!! Where? Where? Where?“ two girls screaming with laughter at me while pointing on my shopping bags. That’s what happened when I arrived in Cologne yesterday afternoon. Depending on where you live, your reaction might look the same, when I’m going to tell you, where my Forever 21 shopping bags came from: Mönchengladbach! Yes, a new Forever 21 store opened at the Minto Arcaden in Mönchengladbach yesterday! And that’s either near to Berlin, nor near to Munich, but in the middle of North-Rhine-Westphalia. And when I answered “Mönchengladbach” to the girls, their screaming with laughter turned into jumps of joy.

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Big Winter Sale Guide II How I met my outfit

Shopping // Big Winter Sale Guide

Bild oben: Armband // Kleid schwarz // Kleid silber // Kurzpullover // Handtasche // Plateau Pumps // Ohrhänger // Boots // iphone 5 Hülle // Armband // Kleid gold // Rock



Ihr Lieben,

ich hoffe, ihr hattet alle ein wundervolles Weihnachtsfest und habt es euch mit euren Liebsten gut gehen lassen. Ich habe Weihnachten bei meinen und bei Benes Eltern verbracht und habe in der Zeit mein Laptop und mein Handy einfach mal beiseite gelegt und mich voll und ganz auf die Familie, Essen und noch mehr Essen konzentriert. Auch wenn ich ein bisschen traurig bin, dass die wunderschöne, besinnliche Weihnachtszeit für dieses Jahr schon wieder vorbei ist, freue ich mich riesig auf das, was nun folgt: natürlich Silvester und der lang ersehnte große Winter Sale.

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New in: Sacha Shoes & Lindt Chocolate II How I met my outfit

New in: Sacha Shoes & Lindt Chocolate


Shoes and chocolate. Do you think it’s only a cliche, that women especially love these two things? When I asked my friend Lena some days ago, if she likes me to bring along some chocolate from the industrial selling of Lindt, she answered: „No, thanks, I’m more like the chips type.“ Lack of understanding. Huh? No chocolate? I can’t believe it. But as we all know, exceptions prove the rule. And so everyone else that I asked, if I should bring along chocolate, responded with euphoric „Yeeees!“ messages. When it comes to shoes, I guess it’s more obvious. Or how would you explain the many „This pair, or this pair?“ shoe-shopping-pictures I receive from my friends monthly? And who would have thought: leader of shoe-shopping-pictures is Chips-Lena! Although we’ve taken to refuse confirming cliches, I have to admit: I’m in love with shoes and chocolate! Badly!