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Crochet & Pinko I MBFW Berlin

Crochet & Flat Overknees I MBFW Berlin

( English / Deutsch )

My dear ones, today I’ve got another MBFW Berlin look for you. Prior to fashion week, I’ve been a lucky girl and was allowed to pick up my favorite pieces from the spring / summer collections of two of my favorite brands – Pinko and Navyboot. This black & white look, that I wore for the after show party by Marina Hoermanseder, is one of the looks I created with the new styles.

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Leather Trench Coat II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Leather Trench Coat

(Deutsch / English)

Ihr Lieben, ein wunderschönes neues Jahr wünsche ich euch! Ich hoffe, ihr hatte alle ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und einen grandiosen Start ins neue Jahr!? Nach dem üblichen Vorweihnachtsstress habe ich mir eine kleine Auszeit gegönnt – aber ab heute geht es auch endlich hier auf dem Blog weiter. Und der erste Look, den ich euch in 2016 zeige, ist auch gleichzeitig der letzte Look, den wir in 2015 fotografiert haben. Und wie der Titel schon sagt, dreht sich alles um meinen neuen Ledertrenchcoat von CHRIST.

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Bonjour à Paris! II How I met my outfit

Bonjour à Paris!

Bonjour à Paris!
Bonjour à Paris!


Paris, the city of love, as they say. If you have been there before, I guess you can tell why. To me, Paris has a very special flair, that I can hardly describe and that I only experienced in Paris. When I think about Paris, I first think about having a cozy little breakfast on a little french balcony, with croissants, jam, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. I think about a cozy long walk through one of the beautiful parks and of crazy passionate shopping. The life in Paris seems to be lively and calm at the same time. And I think this is exactly the magic I feel. Although I’m currently not in Paris, I love to dream myself there – and of course I didn’t refuse to annoy Bene with (unconvincing) french accent while we did the photo shoot. Magnifique!

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Trenchcoats always come with spring! II How I met my outfit

Trench coats always come with spring!

Trench coat & platforms & spring
Trenchcoat Frühlings-Look / trench coat spring look


Spring has arrived, birds are singing, the first flowers start to bloom and somehow everything seems to be a little more „happy-go-lucky“ again. And little by little we start to replace our greatcoats by our beloved trench coats. During the last weeks of winter I usually can’t await to finally send my greatcoats into summer sleep. Almost every year my impatience wins out over my sanity and some weeks too early I freeze optimistically through my summer jackets until I realize that I have to get my greatcoats out of my wardrobe again.