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Sunday Thoughts: Orgasmus-Ungerechtigkeit | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Sunday Thoughts | Orgasmus-Ungerechtigkeit

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Damit ihr mich ab sofort noch ein bisschen besser kennen lernt, startet heute die neue „Sunday Thoughts“-Reihe, bei der ich euch von nun an jeden Sonntag zu den verschiedensten Themen meine Gedanken mitteilen werde. Und wie der Titel schon erahnen lässt, starten wir direkt mit einem (leider noch) tabuisierten Thema.

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Weekly Flashback No. 3 II How I met my outfit

Weekly Flashback No. 3



As I already told you, I’ve been so slowly last Sunday, that I sat in front of my laptop for donkey’s years to finish the “Weekly Flashback No. 2“. So there wasn’t much time left for some other craziness and we just had a relaxed evening at the balcony. By the way, that’s currently my absolute favorite place to be.


After waking up in my sleeping bag at the balcony… I’m kidding. The last Monday totally threw me off the track. We went to Bonn to get some things done at university and the plan was to shoot a new look after that – but everything went completely different. (Good and exciting different.) Unfortunately, it’s a secret and I can’t tell you know, but I hope I can tell you soon. Rest of Monday was gaga and so we just had another evening at the balcony.


Tuesday began as weird as Monday did end up. But because coffee can tidy up everything, it became better at midday! But because I had been that gaga on Monday and wasn’t able to get things done, I had to get them done on Tuesday.

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Weekly Flashback 1 - How I met my outfit

Weekly Flashback No. 1



Exactly a week ago today, the beautiful ladies Farina, Mary and Lou from Novalanalove, Fashionloveland and Somegoodspirits invited us to their second #allblogeverything event at the Flamingo Royal in Cologne. There was a lot of fashion, beauty and selfie action going on, but I’m going to tell and show you everything in detail during the next week.


Happy Easter! While everyone else got chocolate and colored eggs for Easter, I’ve got something really special this year: a cold! And who gave it to me? My lovely friend Sarah. Thank you so much, honey! Haha.


Tuesday has been all about hankies, nose spray, chicken soup, tea and snapchat ( -> howimetmyoutfit). Check it out!

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Lazy Sunday: Bedtime-Stories II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Bedtime Stories


„Once upon a time, very long ago…“ that’s how every phantastic fairy tale and every enchanting bedtime story starts. Remember the days, you had nothing else to do, but hide under your bedclothes wearing you favorite pajamas, close your eyes and listen to a wonderful story. Our bedtimes stories became others, but from time to time I dig out my storybook and with the greatest amazement I realize that some things may loose it’s magic when you grow up, but fairy tales will never belong to these things.

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Lazy Sunday: Nail Fruits & Smoothies II How I met my outfit

Lazy Sunday: Nail Fruits & Smoothies


The sun thing worked well. Yeah! The first item on my wish list is done (although I don’t know for how long). So, let’s get to the next point quickly: healthy eating. I decided to have a more healthy diet. I must confess that I’m not really a fruit and vegetable friend. When I think about it, I’m more like a fruit and vegetable denier. I know that it’s not healthy and because Bene rants at me from time to time, my plan looks like this: More fruits and vegetable, less sweets and fast food.

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Lazy Sunday: DIY Yoga II How I met my outfit

“Lazy” Sunday: DIY – Yoga


More and more it seems to me that Cologne kind of went into a yoga-fever. Almost everywhere you can see yoga schools, yoga advertising and girls dressed in sports wear carrying a yoga mat. Somehow yoga mats became a new fashion accessory. Why not!? You can buy them in almost every color and they are extremely functional. So, where’s my yoga mat!? I’m going to check over the yoga mystery now.

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Lazy Sunday: pastel pyjama by H&M

Lazy Sunday: Pastel Pyjama by H&M


It’s sunday again. This week went so fast and I’m looking forward to not to have to get out of bed so early today. Unfortunately, I have to tidy up and to do the laundry, because I didn’t get around doing it during the last week. My pile of washing got so tall again, that I fear climbers shortly will stand in front of my door to be the first one putting the flag on the top of „Mount Laundry“. So, doing my laundry! Very important!