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Advent Calender 2016 | How I met my outfit - by Dana Lohmüller

Blogger Adventskalender 2016 | 24 days – 24 give aways

( Deutsch / English )

Ich freue mich riesig, euch heute verraten zu dürfen, dass es auch dieses Jahr wieder einen Blogger Adventskalender auf howimetmyoutfit.de geben wird!! <3 Wie letztes Jahr warten ab dem 01. Dezember wieder 24 super tolle Gewinnspiele auf euch. Ich möchte gar nicht zu viel verraten – aber ich denke, dass diesmal wirklich für jeden etwas dabei sein sollte – es ist nämlich eine ganz tolle Mischung aus Fashion & Fashion-Gutscheinen, Beauty-Produkten, Schmuck & Accessoires und sogar Food und Lifestyle Gewinnen. Also, schaut Donnerstag auf jeden Fall vorbei, wenn um 08:00 Uhr das erste Türchen geöffnet wird! <3

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Win a trip to NYC - Photo Contest by Element Frankfurt Airport II How I met my outfit

Healthy Food. Win a trip to NYC – Photo Contest by Element Frankfurt Airport


„Don’t toy with your food.“

May I introduce: Kiwian and Kiwonne. As a child, we all learn: „You don’t toy with your food!“ But do you think it’s reprehensible to have a little fun with your food before you eat it? Cause we’re in the lucky position that we’re able to enjoy food. And so this kiwi figures Kiwian and Kiwonne made our day some time ago. And although it’ll stay my little sweet secret what really was the deal with Kiwian an Kiwonne, I can tell you: they were very delicious!

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My fearless moment II How I met my outfit

“My fearless moment” challenge by Otto

LEDERJACKE – Laura Scott // TASCHE – Cowboysbag // JEANS – AJC // SWEATER – Laura Scott // BOOTS – Buffalo // ARMBAND –  Elli // MÜTZE – Baskenmütze // LIPPENSTIFT – Maybelline Jade // NAGELLACK – Essie


Some weeks ago I received an invitation to join the challenge „My fearless moment“ by Otto. Their current Fearless Selection is about looks, that make you feel strong and self-confident.

about fear

I guess everybody knows it: situations that make you feel uncomfortable and unconfident. The reasons can be very different. Situations that deal with our jobs, university or similar things, may make us feel unconfident, because we’re afraid that we might not be well-prepared or we might won’t be able to show what we’ve got. In personal matters we might fear people could dislike is. But this fear is absolute normal and manlike. Everybody knows it. Some may be able to deal better with this fear than others and some may be more talented to cover up their nervousness, but in the end we’re all the same.