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Blogger Adventskalender 2015 II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller II photos: Bene Napolowski II Designer Wasserkocher von SMEG

Adventskalender #19: Designer Wasserkocher von SMEG


Happy Saturday!! <3 Heute geht es weiter mit Adventskalender Türchen Nr. 19 und dahinter versteckt sich ein Designer Wasserkocher von SMEG im Wert von ca. 139 € !! <3  Der pastellblaue SMEG Wasserkocher aus der “Stil der 50er Jahre” Designlinie kann nicht nur Wasser kochen, sondern sieht dabei auch noch verdammt cool aus. <3 So macht Tee trinken gleich noch mehr Spaß!

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May the Force be with u! II How I met my outfit

May the Force be with you…

Don't take life and fashion too serious.
Don’t take life and fashion too serious.


This is the second look me and my friend Princess Leia shot on saturday. As I already told you, the two looks we did have nothing in common. You can have a look at the first one here. I know, I know, my friends name isn’t Princess Leia, her name is Sarah. But to give sense to all of that, I decided Princess Leia from now on is my new nickname for Sarah. I think she won’t like it, but hey, she’s a got a female name including a title of nobility. It could have been worse, like Jabba or something.