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New: Durex Intense Produktlinie | #OrgasmsForAll | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

New: Durex Intense Produktlinie | #OrgasmsForAll

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Wie ihr vielleicht schon in meinem letzten Blogpost gelesen oder auf Instagram mitbekommen habt, habe ich mich im Rahmen der neuen #OrgasmsForAll Kampagne von Durex in den letzten Wochen mit dem Thema Orgasmus-Ungerechtigkeit beschäftigt. Heute möchte ich euch die dazugehörigen Studienergebnisse präsentieren und euch die neue Durex Intense Produktlinie vorstellen.


Let’s talk about sex, baby! Within the framework of the new #OrgasmsForAll campaign by Durex, I talked a little about orgasm injustice here and on Instagram during the last weeks. Today I like to show you the results of the orgasm studies and introduce you to the new Durex Intense product range.

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Beauty Gift Guide with Douglas | Geschenke Klassiker | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller - zoeva Pinselset

Beauty Gift Guide with Douglas | Geschenke Klassiker

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Die Zeit vergeht mal wieder wie im Flug und so ist schon kommenden Sonntag der 1. Advent… Jedes Jahr nehme ich mir vor, spätestens Anfang Dezember alle Weihnachtsgeschenke besorgt zu haben, aber jedes Jahr hetze ich dann doch noch am 23. Dezember in die Stadt, weil ich es mal wieder nicht früher geschafft habe. Aber ich bin auch dieses Jahr wieder zuversichtlich, dass es vielleicht endlich mal etwas früher klappt. Und um euch frühzeitig ein bisschen Geschenke Inspiration zu liefern, habe ich in Kooperation mit Douglas meine Top 10 Beauty Geschenke Klassiker für Sie und Ihn ausgesucht. Vielleicht ist ja genau das perfekte Geschenk für eure Liebsten dabei!? <3

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Forever 21 Store Opening - Minto Mönchengladbach // How I met my outfit

Forever 21 Store Opening – Minto Mönchengladbach


“Ahhhh, Forever 21!! Where? Where? Where?“ two girls screaming with laughter at me while pointing on my shopping bags. That’s what happened when I arrived in Cologne yesterday afternoon. Depending on where you live, your reaction might look the same, when I’m going to tell you, where my Forever 21 shopping bags came from: Mönchengladbach! Yes, a new Forever 21 store opened at the Minto Arcaden in Mönchengladbach yesterday! And that’s either near to Berlin, nor near to Munich, but in the middle of North-Rhine-Westphalia. And when I answered “Mönchengladbach” to the girls, their screaming with laughter turned into jumps of joy.

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Christmas Gift Ideas Up to 100 € for Him and Her II How I met my outfit

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her 5 € – 250 €


Each and every year there’s one thing that for sure at least starts with the 1st of December: the present-hunt! Crowds of people flock into the cities, online shopper tap their fingers to the bone – everybody is searching for Christmas gifts. (With the exception of a small group that proudly proclaims: „I’ve already got every single gift! Since month!“) A lot of people are searching patiently for the perfect christmas gifts and others just want to get the gift hunt over and done as quickly as possible. 

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New in: Sacha Shoes & Lindt Chocolate II How I met my outfit

New in: Sacha Shoes & Lindt Chocolate


Shoes and chocolate. Do you think it’s only a cliche, that women especially love these two things? When I asked my friend Lena some days ago, if she likes me to bring along some chocolate from the industrial selling of Lindt, she answered: „No, thanks, I’m more like the chips type.“ Lack of understanding. Huh? No chocolate? I can’t believe it. But as we all know, exceptions prove the rule. And so everyone else that I asked, if I should bring along chocolate, responded with euphoric „Yeeees!“ messages. When it comes to shoes, I guess it’s more obvious. Or how would you explain the many „This pair, or this pair?“ shoe-shopping-pictures I receive from my friends monthly? And who would have thought: leader of shoe-shopping-pictures is Chips-Lena! Although we’ve taken to refuse confirming cliches, I have to admit: I’m in love with shoes and chocolate! Badly!