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Gewinne eine Designertasche mit Fashionette | Werbung | How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

Fashionette Challenge – Gewinne eine Designertasche | Werbung

“Es sind die späten 90er und du gehst mit Paris Hilton und Co. feiern. Style deinen glamourösen Party-Look mit der passenden Tasche“ – so lautete meine Aufgabe für die aktuelle Challenge des Onlineshops Fashionette. Und auch ihr könnt ab sofort auf Instagram bei der #FashionetteChallenge teilnehmen und mit etwas Glück eine von 3 Designer Taschen von Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabanna oder Valentino gewinnen.

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7 Days - 7 Red black Mascara - die besten schwarzen Mascaras II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

7 Days – 7 Black Mascaras

( English / Deutsch )

The second edition of my new beauty-series “7 Days, 7 …” is all about black (volume) mascaras. After I showed you my 7 favorite red lipsticks the last time, I can’t wait to show you the 7 best black mascaras today! And for the next two weeks, I’ve got the 7 best black eyeliners and the 7 best concealers are waiting for you.

I would love to know which categories you would be interested in for the next couple of weeks!? Let me knoooow!!! <3

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7 Days - 7 Red Lipsticks - die besten roten Lippenstifte II How I met my outfit by Dana Lohmüller

7 Days – 7 Red Lipsticks

( English / Deutsch )

I’m so excited to finally show you the very first edition of my new beauty-series, called “7 Days, 7 …”. In each edition of this new beauty series, I’m going to show you my 7 favorites from different categories. Today, we’re starting with the 7 best red lipsticks! For the following weeks I’ve already got the 7 best black mascaras, the 7 best black eyeliners and the 7 best concealers for you and after that a lot of other interesting categories and products, such as highlighters and fake lashes will follow. So, stay tuned! <3

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In love with... FESTIVE STYLES II How I met my outfit

In love with… FESTIVE STYLES

1. feather cape – Topshop (about 140 €)

2. pleated skirtTopshop (about 78 €)

3. body – Elisabetta Franchi via Zalando (about 160 €)

4. nail polish “Don’t Tell Mama” – Deborah Lippmann via KaDeWe (about 22,00 €)

5. bracelet – RIO via melovely (about 90,00 €)

6. eyeshadowsArtdeco (about 5,00 € each)

7. earrings – Sweet Deluxe via Valmano (about 20,00 €)

8. clutchASOS (about 26,00 €)

9. high heelsBuffalo (about 100 €)



Days are getting shorter, it’s getting cold outside, maybe you’ve caught the first cold and it’s only some days until the christmas markets open their doors. Somehow it feels like I’ve never been more excited for Christmas as this year. The christmas magic already got me and so I’m looking forward to the first glühwein, the first roasted almonds, to baking cookies and to the first snow. I’m looking forward to buying presents and wrapping it up lovely. I can’t wait for these cozy Christmas evening with my beloved ones. And of course I’m looking forward to festive styles. Each and every year, some weeks before Christmas, I start to think about what I could wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And one thing’s always definite: it has to sparkle! When it comes to Christmas, I use to go for typical Christmas colors like silver, gold, red and dark green. Here are three looks that I would love to wear for Christmas!